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    "Not Enough Space" Error When Burning EYETV Files to DVD Video

    HI i am using Roxio with Eye TV. I have no problem importing the EyeTV video into Toast and preparing the video files to burn a DVD. However every time I click 'burn' it says "theres not enough free space on this disc - 4.45gb are needed but 4.38gb are available". This error happens with any brand single layer dvd disk. Toast doesn't seem to be compressing the files to the right size. Indeed, it shouldnt even need to be compressing it - because the video is only 1hr 30 mins. How can I tell Toast it should be working to a max of 4.38GB on single layer DVD disks? Cheers Scott ps Toast customer service is TERRIBLE! I used the ticket system to ask the question above. Response #1 - COMPLETELY unrelated to my question. It was telling me how to export from TIVO. TIVO is not even available in Australia! Response #2 - Told me to ask the User Groups!!! Shouldn't Roxio know their own product?!! If anybody from Roxio reads this I would encourage them to check ticket 449165 for proof of the terrible customer service.