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    I believe you can use the same link you originally used to download it.
  2. Griz

    audio sync problem

    Perhaps I'll try that route. I have been using Tivo Decode Manager lately to download and convert directly to MP4. It also adds to iTunes automatically. The part that I like about Popcorn is the automatic tivo transfer. I was hoping for the Holy Grail of workflows which is that Popcorn automatically pulls the show down, converts it and adds it to iTunes. I then have my Tivo set to delete shows after 3 days. The AppleTV becomes my interface to all my TV shows, music and Movies. -Scott
  3. Griz

    audio sync problem

    I didn't realize you can use Tivo Decode Manager on existing Tivo Files. How exactly do you do that? Is Visual Hub worth getting? Isn't this a pay for product as well? Popcorn has the potential to be an all in one Tivo to iTunes to AppleTV solution which is what I want it for. However, the workflow is poor and broken at this point. It really baffles me that a company can sell a product and have it be this bad at what it purports to do. -Scott
  4. Griz

    audio sync problem

    Is anything being done to address this? I had given up on Popcorn for some time now, but am again trying to make use of it. Seems the issue is still there. It is extremely frustrating. Is anyone using Popcorn3.0.2 and NOT having audio sync problems? I'm running Popcorn 3.0.2 and Leopard 10.5.1 on an Intel Mac Mini. -Scott Edit: This evening I decided transcode a movie that was problematic in Popcorn using Tivo Decode Manager. It worked flawlessly. Even automatically added the file to iTunes with description data and to the movie section no less. I wish I had bought Popcorn in a box now and not as a digital download. It would be going back. I think I'll stick to Tivo Decode Manager for now until I see Roxio doing something about all the Problems with Popcorn. As I have said before. I will never recommend another Roxio product.
  5. Griz

    TIVO 2 DT won't transfer w/3.0.2

    Try rebooting the S2. Mine was having the same problem. Still only get 500K/sec at best. Does the S3 transfer faster than that?
  6. Griz

    Converting MPEG2 file for Apple TV

    What error did you get? Also, I would recommend the Mpeg4 format for conversion to use in imovie. Scott
  7. Griz

    Popcorn still screwed up

    Would that cause sync errors or are you referring to the file data going into itunes? From the S2 if possible.
  8. Griz

    Popcorn still screwed up

    Can you try encoding something without the Turbo.264? Since this does its own conversion, that would lead me to believe that the problem is with Popcorn's transcoder. If I can be sure the t.264 will work, I'll just buy one and not look back. Although I can't help but wonder if it will be any faster than my 1.83 Core Duo machine. What are you running it on?
  9. Griz

    Popcorn still screwed up

    If it's a problem, you would notice. Perhaps it's something with my Series 2. Do you have an S3 or a TivoHD?
  10. Griz

    Popcorn still screwed up

    To be honest. I am finding the auto transfer to be far less important a bug than the Audio Sync issue I am now having. The shows play fine in Toast player, but encoding in any format yields poor audio sync. I'd much rather see that problem addressed, and fast.
  11. Griz

    Popcorn still screwed up

    That is exactly right. I can confirm this as well. The file automatically converts and is added into itunes. However, it is missing show info. The behavior before was that the file would get dumped to the desktop and not to itunes, that is now fixed. When it would dump the file to the desktop, it could be manually dragged into itunes, but it too lacked the show info. The only way I can get show info is to uncheck the automatic option in Tivo Transfer prefs. Let the file download, manually drag it into the conversion window and click convert. That file will automatically go into itunes and have show info. So there seems to be a disconnect with the show info being properly handed off when the file is automatically passed to Popcorn. I say Kudos to everyone on the forum who spoke out about the other issues and got the ball rolling to get some of the problems fixed. I hope there will be a 3.03 beta up soon. I have to say, I have no idea how software companies did it in the past without this sort of instant feedback from forums and instant downloads that users can test. I can't help but think that corners are being cut to "just get it out". I'm willing to help because I want what I paid for to work. However, if I were to look at my time as having the same value as someone internal to Roxio, I'm quite sure my paycheck for my testing would have far exceeded what I paid for Popcorn. I'll stick it out and get this to work, but as Riddick said, you can bet this is the last Roxio product I buy or recommend. Roxio would do well to hire a few extra programmers and they might make up for it in future sales of completed software that delivers its promised feature set from the beginning.
  12. Griz

    Popcorn 3 - Tivo not going to Itunes

    Seems to be fixed in 3.0.2, however, show data does not get put into iTunes. I'm running 3.0.2 under Leopard now.
  13. Griz

    Popcorn 3 and Leopard problems

    I downloaded the 3.0.2 release last night and ran it under Leopard. My first attempt to transfer a show got hung up at around 50% of the download. My next attempt completed fine. I had tivo transfer set to automatically add the file to popcorn. It apparently did transcode the file and add it into iTunes. In the past, the file dropped to the desktop. Under the new version this seems to be fixed, however, now the show data does not get sent to iTunes with the file. In the past I was able to get show data if I manually added the show to the Popcorn window and the clicked convert. I did not have a chance to try that this time. I'll do further testing tonight and post results. Seems to be improving, but something tells me we will need to see a 3.0.3 at some point to polish out the kinks.
  14. Thanks for the tireless effort to find the issue. But a "trumpet fanfare" isn't warranted for a hack that uses additional software to perform a task that TTG is supposed to.
  15. I just got this response from Roxio about this issue. >Thank you for contacting Roxio Technical Support >An update to allow the HD tivo files to be transferred to your toast application will be released by TIVO. >They are aware of this problem. I swear sometimes they have complete idiots who don't even clearly read your messages. I never asked about HD Tivo. This message seems to imply that Tivo will be releasind TTG for Tivo HD, which I do know about, but that has nothing to do with the problem. I'll be replying to their response and will post what I hear back. -Scott