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    Unable To Watch Blu Ray

    my system exceeds that list. Thanks but you did not answer my question about the Plug- in. I can try buying it and if doesn't work ask for refund but I do not want to go into that given the info i needed. Thanks anyway...
  2. Ripperfreak

    Unable To Watch Blu Ray

    I just upgraded my system into Blu-ray as they now becoming affordable. I bought the PIONEER BD-RW BDR 206D, firmware 1.4, internal drive for my PC and a SONY BDP S570 player for my lounge. I tried to watch BR film Bourne Ultimatum on my PC DELL XPS 420, using Power DVD9 but crashed after 10 minutes. Now updated my Power DVD9 with this March update but not tried it yet if still crash. I have Roxio 2011 pro, so i opened CINEPLAYER v 5.6 c07 build 561b73a but cannot play BR. Not the same picture you posted above. Mine without the "BD" Wanted to use As alternative player. My question is, Will the $29.99 BLU-RAY Playback plug-in will transform my CINEPLAYER 5.6 into a BD player? I understand the Blu-ray disc plug-in already in Roxio 2011. I appreciate your insight into this thanks!
  3. Ripperfreak

    Printing On Cd/dvd's Using Label Creator

    I am using canon Pixma IP5000 using Tray "B". Want to try it but no JWP file for it. I do not know if I can be a convert to Roxio label print , Canon's CD label print is doing a great job for me. I copied the JWP F (I know that file is not for my printer) into the page files just to test if my printer will show up on the Printer drop down window but no, only my Dell. But proceeding into the print section and "calibration" there my Canon shows up on the printer selection window. Not sure why, might be because my Dell was the default. Until My Canon shows up in the printer window can't use it as the DELL will be the printer used to print. Obviously cannot run the test prints. But it might work using the right template for B tray and the Canon will show up in the main print window.. anyway, nice exercise might have to wait till I upgrade my canon. As the print head is becoming clogged more often now.
  4. Ripperfreak

    using audio DVD maker

    Since we do not have any details, read here might give you a little ensight of the art of CD burning. Do's and don'ts, myth and facts etc... (link removed-can't link to outside programs that might circumvent copy protection)
  5. Ripperfreak

    Make Bootable disk image, How can you do it?

    Or use ROXIO CREATOR CLASSIC you can access the program via START/ALL PROGRAM/ROXIO 2010/APPLICATION/ROXIO CREATOR CLASSIC Open the application and select Bootable disc on the top left hand window.
  6. Ripperfreak

    Newbie Question

    If you use Media Monkey, you can tag your MP3s with the artwork. Or use this to tag >>> http://www.mp3tag.de/en/download.html Unfortunately Roxio can't do it. Grace notes database only supply the album track names.
  7. Ripperfreak

    Change ISO Application Default

    Change your DEFAULT PROGRAM setting and or your "AUTO PLAY SeTTING" from the Control panel on Vista. On Windows7 : Click Start > Default programs ie,.. DVD movies------ "Play with...... always." whatever player you prefer or set it to "ask me everytime" on Auto Play settings
  8. Ripperfreak

    How to burn VOB files on Roxio 2010?

    What's the violation Jim? Let me know so I can avoid next time Edit - you know better than that!
  9. Ripperfreak

    DVD+RW disc creates, but won't read

    Possible solutions: 1. Update your firmware 2. Change Bitset/Book type of the NEC drive to DVD ROM - I hope your drive support Bit sitting though.
  10. Ripperfreak

    Label Creator 2010

    I am using WINDOWS 7 Home premium and MS Office Ultimate 2007. And I got no problems with Roxio 2010 or even EMC 9 when I still did not unsinstall it. Although I must admit I never used the Label Creator because i use Canon Pixma Ip5000 for my disc printing not Epson. I did try to design a Disc cover and works fine. So not sure where your problem lies.
  11. Ripperfreak

    Is " DVD info Pro " included in ROXIO 2010 pro?

    I thought so. Its a shame cos it's an important tool to have if you haven't got Nero. You would have thought if its in EMC 9 why not in 2010.
  12. I upgrade to Roxio 2010 pro recently and was looking for the "DVD info Pro" component. I can not find it. It seems for some reason this is not included in 2010. Lucky for me I got still the EMC 9 which includes this under TOOLS>DVD info Pro and I uninstall EMC9 except this Tool. DVD info Pro is very helpful if you want to know some info regarding your Drive ie, specs , firmwares or want to check your Burn quality. It works just like Nero's info Tool, Nero Disc Speed or Nero Drive speed. If its in 2010 where is it?
  13. Ripperfreak

    Converting .ts Files

    Yes you can. Here's how: HOME > Data-Copy > Convert DVD-Video From the resulting window under Video Compilation > Add your VIDEO_TS folder/files, On the other side of the window, Destination , under FORMAT select MPEG-2 format from the drop down menu. Select OUTPUT to > DISC or FILE Under OPTION, if you want to encode 2 or more films into one DVD5 you can select how it will be played. Hit BURN and have a coffee. Good luck! But first buy it!
  14. Ripperfreak

    Slow Encoding

    Sometimes Encoding is dependent on your system specs. CPU and RAM capacities.Having Quad core intel and a 4gig RAM would certainly hasten things up.
  15. Ripperfreak

    How Good The Photo Component In 2009?

    Might be, considering the downloadable price in Roxio's website eh. Now you are injecting a guilt on my concience now Grandpa! Not unless an early Christmas give away due to Credit crunch I I tell you there are hundreds of happy bunny who bought it. If an eBay seller said GENUINE then it should be as he will be contravining the law. Kicked out of eBay and will be prosecuted by Roxio for piracy/copyright infringements. I think gone are the days of software KEY Generators. Anyway, not to delve on that HUGE savings banning the morals. I am glad that Roxio incorporate Photosuite in the RC2009 package. I used it before version 5 I think on my old XP machine. I certainly get this 2009 just for this PHOTOSUITE reason as i can gather most of the functionality are the same as the EMC10. Thanks all!