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    Program not working

    I tried this idea, and disabled everything as instructed, but it made no difference, the program still does not work. I don't have time for these games. What number do I call to get a refund so I can buy something that works without this headache?
  2. Jeff McCormack

    EMC 10 does NOT start up on Vista

    I downloaded and ran the program as described by John from Roxio above. I did as said, and reinstalled EMC 10. But still...nothing.
  3. Jeff McCormack

    EMC 10 does NOT start up on Vista

    Hey, I am late to the game, but I am having the same problem. I installed 10, on an XP system with 2 megs. It worked fine the first couple days, now, I click the icons, get the hour glass a few seconds, then nothing happens. And I did not do anything to my system to change it. I did a complete uninstall and reinstall, and still nothing happens. I am down and out now, not being able to make CDs, and it is killing me. I need some kind of solution to this FAST?!?
  4. Well, you assume when you upgrade that it will replace the old version. Almost every other software I have upgraded does so; I was surprised in this case too. When I upgraded from 8 to 9, 8 disappeared from my control panel listings. Here is an issue I have now though. I installed 10, it worked once or twice, then stopped working. Clicking the icons does nothing. I went back and uninstalled 9 and 10 completely, then reinstalled 10, but still, it won't work. Anyone else have such an issue? I am running XP.