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    Popcorn 3 Wont Install

    For anyonw else having this type of issue, the fix was to reset the Disk Image Controller. Please be aware that I am repeating what Roxio tech support told me. I am not a systems kind of guy, just a user, so I dont know all the consequences of executing the terminal comands detailed below. Try at your own risk or prefferably do a little reading before plunking down terminal commands. Log in as root (if you dont know how to do so, go to the help menu and search for root. There is anrticle on how to enable and disable root logins) Open terminal Type kextunload -c com.apple.AppleDiskImageController Then hit enter Type kextload -b com.apple.AppleDiskImageController Then hit enter When I hit enter after the load command I got the black "you must reboot your computer" warning like you get from a kernel panic. Rebooted and was able to mount the DMG and install Popcorn. Have not had any issues since. As with everything technical your mileage may vary and try at your own risk.
  2. ZAT

    Popcorn 3 and Ripping DVD's

    A couple of people here at work have used Nero for the PC with some success. Dont know much about it, so I am not sure if it can rip/decrypt.
  3. ZAT

    Popcorn 3 Wont Install

    I think it was smaller, more like 100MB. I got it to install last night after getting on the help chat. Guy had me reset the Disk Image Controller and everything went fine after that. Had to log in as root and enter some commands in terminal. Meant to post them last night but got distracted with other stuff. I will post the commands here when I get home since I dont want to go from memory and end up transposing some text and killing someone's computer.
  4. ZAT

    Popcorn 3 Wont Install

    Sadly its just the Popcorn DMG.
  5. ZAT

    Popcorn 3 Wont Install

    Thought about that after posting, but it didnt help. Thanks though.
  6. ZAT

    Popcorn 3 Wont Install

    Just bought a copy of Popcorn 3 and I cant get it to install. Every time I try to mount the DMG I get an error stating that the mount failed due to the device not being configured. I have downloaded twice to make sure it wasnt the download. I have also started a new user and tried to install there with no luck. Has anyone run across this, and if so got any words of wisdom?? I am running a G4 Powerbook and 10.4.10 Thanks in advance for the help.