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    Script Error .. Roxio Creator 9

    Thanks. This is a way to drive away customers.
  2. I am getting a script error when I start Roxio Creator 9 ... see attachment.
  3. cte67

    Convert Dvd To Mpg

    I've done that ... see the post 28 February 2013 - 06:57 AM. I found a simpler solution ... using DOS. Copy the .vob files to a hard disk then used the copy command in a DOS window: copy /b 11.vob + 12.vob + 13.vob + 14.vob + 20.vob + 21.vob x.mpg ... resulted in everything combined into one mpg. Thanks for your patience. The most useful info was that .vob is the same as a .mpg.
  4. cte67

    Convert Dvd To Mpg

    The ROXIOPLASMA subdir has METADATA.DAT, PLASMADATA.DAT, and PROJECTDATA.DMSD. The VIDEO_TS subdir has three .BUP, three .IFO, and six .VOB files.
  5. cte67

    Convert Dvd To Mpg

    Transferring directly to a DVD using Roxio was inconsistent ... sometimes it worked, other times it did not. I started using VideoReDo Plus to convert the TiVo into mpg, and then using Roxio to put the mpg onto a DVD. That works fine. This one DVD is one that converted directly from TiVo to the DVD. I'd like to recover it and save it as an mpg.
  6. cte67

    Convert Dvd To Mpg

    It's a TiVo program I transferred to a DVD last year.
  7. cte67

    Convert Dvd To Mpg

    I'd insert some images, but don't know how to do that on this forum ... so I'll explain with words. I used your procedure. Resulted with the same image you posted ... MyDvd Playtime: 59 min 59 sec. When I select the "proceed" button, the "Video Copy & Convert" dialog box displays along with the words "Encolding to MPEG-2, Phase 1 of 1 (0%)" I uncheck "Close this dialog box when finished". After a minute or so, the dialog box disappears ... the (0%) never changes. Only the "Roxio Creator 2012" dialog box is on the screen.
  8. cte67

    Convert Dvd To Mpg

    Sorry for the slow response. Yes, I want one continuous mpg file. Thanks.
  9. What are you suggesting I do?
  10. All of the files were downloaded using the TiVo Desktop program. Not sure why there would be any difference. Some files were recorded on the same channel ... hard to make them more similar ... yet some burn fine, others hang the computer. Also I find it strange that selecting a file causes "everything" to go into slow motion ... verrrrrrrrrrrrrry slow motion ... tens of minutes. If there is a defect in a file, why not alert the user immediately? Regarding the CD ./ monitor ... I installed it ... brand new ... took the defaults. What should I do to rectify the problem?
  11. The TiVo files are on the hard disk. They were downloaded directly from a TiVo box. The Hauppauge tuners are remnants of SageTV (which is superior to TiVo, but is being obsoleted). SageTV has been removed. Don't know if there is an easy way to remove the Hauppauge drivers. The files appear to be ok. They play fine using Windows Media Player. I have run a repair on Roxio. Don't know the name of the video drivers. Not sure that is a problem as the videos play fine via Windows Media Player. Plus some of the TiVo files burn fine ... not sure of the difference since all of the files were downloaded using the TiVo Desktop program.
  12. cte67

    Correct Forum?

    I posted a question on "Program Errors/Crashes/Hangs" yesterday morning ... no responses ... see "Roxio Creator 2012 ... Very Slow ... Hangs". Is "General Discussion" a better place to post questions?
  13. Roxio Creator 2012 -> Video/Movies -> Create DVD's -> Roxio MyDvd starts -> :Project Type -> 2D DVD -> Project View (section) -> Movies (tab) -> Menu Tasks (section) -> Add New Movie -> select .TiVo file ->: Burn (button) -> Burn Project ... just sits there ... does nothing ... cannot select anything on that screen. The first time I tried this, it worked and burned a DVD ... although it was very slow. The second time it hung ... would not proceed ... even after re-booting, would not proceed. Note that the computer normally runs quite fast. Attached is a DxDiag.txt file. DxDiag.txt
  14. cte67

    Videowave13 & Vcgproxyfilemanager

    A different DVD burner is correct. My previous one died ... used one from an older computer when I re-installed the operating system. I updated as you recommended ... no difference ... the DVD never starts burning. The newest DxDiag is attached. DxDiag.txt
  15. cte67

    Videowave13 & Vcgproxyfilemanager

    I discovered the problem ... I did not see the "Attach this file" button. DxDiag.txt