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    error 1305

    nothing for roxio or sonic show up. i can see this file in the cd when i explore it. I have tryed roxio zap and a registry cleaner too
  2. smith2513

    error 1305

    Istart installing and I get an error 1305, (error reading from the file H:\program files\roxio\easy media creator 8\retrieve\launch_retrieve.exe. verify that the file exist and that you can acess it). What is this i tried loading it from both cd drives and I get the same thing from both of them. H is my cd drive i have the roxio disk in. thanks smith2513 Windows XP pro service pack 2 athlon xp 2600 512 mb ram 8500dv aiw ati card
  3. smith2513

    Dao.msi Error Fix

    Can anyone tell me do I install EMC 8 first? I want to make sure i do it right since I am working on a fresh install of XP and a fresh install of my ATI sofware and it is very stable. The last time i tried EMC 8 I had loads of problems. I have an 8500dv AIW ATI card. I hope someone can tell me exactly how this is to be executed. Thanks
  4. Ok I thougth i ould try a fresh install of XP and start from scratch. Man it was a great install at first. THEN i installed the drivers for my ATI AIW 8500 video card that I cant live without. Well it went downhill with this Dao error and BSD's everywhere. So I loaded in a fresh copy of XP again and I am awaiting a good fix for this portion of the EMC 8 fix. If anyone has a good solid fix I would really love to use the program. It seem like a very nice layout and all, but if it doesnt work with my card I think I am gonna ditch it. I would appreciate any help I can get. I really dont want to mess up this load of XP it is running great and I wish to keep it this way. Thanks smith2513
  5. When you do find out what was done I would really like to know. Because this thing has me stumped. I have been playing with it for over a month heere and there. My computer meets all the requirements. I am glad to here you have yours running, so let me know what you did because you had the same exact problem as me.
  6. Let me know if you can get it working. I dont have the time to sit with them on the phone. It sounds like we have the same problems. I hope you get it running
  7. I can't figure it out. I have never had a problem like this. It has never even tried to install from the begining. It continues to say that it was interupted and the only button on the roxio screen that i can hit is "finish"
  8. No luck yet. I am with you on waiting for roxio help. I dont get home till 6pm so there is no chance for me. I am ready to do a fresh install of XP I have no other ideas. If you get any please let me know.
  9. Same for me nothing. Windows installer window pops up over the preparing to install window then disappears. Then i get the roxio has been interupet window. I have never incountered anything like this.
  10. \ I cannnot figure this one out. I have tried many things and I cannot get it to install. I have never had an issue installing anything on this computer. I cannot even past the "please wait setup is installing" it goes directly to the finished screen after about 20 seconds. tried the hard drive thing with no luck also. I have had this product for a month now. smith2513
  11. Ok still the same thing here. This is really beginning to suck.
  12. This seems like a very simple problem that I am trying to resolve. I am looking for any ideas.
  13. I still come up with no file. I set up to search all drives and it searched about 20 minutes and nothing came up. Any other ideas?
  14. No such file was found. What is this file .Any other ideas?
  15. I get this error "The wizard was interupted before EMC8 could be installed. Your system has not been modified run setup again" It starts with the installing software window then goes to this roxio screen every time. I have played with this thing several time in the last month. Help anyone? I have no other applications of any burning programs and not traces of roxio in my files. Thanks smith2513 asus motherboard a7n8-x-e deluxe athlox xp 2800 1 gig of ddr xp professional