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  1. I have used LP and Tape Converter several times, but it has now started just stopping in the middle of a project and the information disappears from the screen. All that is left is the title bar and a white screen. If I click anywhere on the screen the hourglass just keeps going round and round. I left it for about a half and hour to see if it was working in the background and it never came back up. Closing the program gives me the "program is not responding" message. Any ideas? Thanks
  2. And, as I mentioned before, it happened on my PC and not my laptop. I believe I have all of the same MS updates on both machines. None of the C:\ files were missing on the laptop. I wonder if the patch just adds the files back, since they should be gone by the time of needing to reboot.
  3. Tom2

    Capturing Internet Radio

    I am using XP Home. Do I already need to have streaming in prior to opening Easy Audio? Any suggestions for streaming devices?
  4. Interesting, yes. I did find it where Jean recommended under common files. When I clicked on it, nothing happened. I found it in Add/Delete and did the repair. Still nothing happened when I clicked on it and it does not show up in Control Panel.
  5. My EMC10 was a download. I did a complete install and have never seen Update Manager or Program Update. That was why I was confused with the instructions. Just finished a search for the word update and found nothing on my computer. The last Roxio I had was 7.
  6. Appears to be a third party software download. Is that correct?
  7. John, Saw your new posting and tried to follow. I do not see "Software Update" in my control panel.
  8. Opened EMC10 and checked for new updates. The program stated there were none available. Has the patch been pulled, or do I need to be doing something differently?
  9. I was wondering the same. If I patch the existing program and then un-install it and reload with the unpatched program, won't I still have the same issue? Is it possible to patch the program prior to install? Or, to download the patched file?
  10. I had previously posted that I only had problems with my PC and not my laptop. As far as I can tell, none of the files were deleted from the laptop. I checked the attributes of some of the files. While some were RHA, others had no extensions (not sure if that is the proper term) and still did not get deleted. The problem appears to be specific to only certain environments.
  11. Ah, we seem to be getting back to the head in the sand. If the program doesn't do it, why does Roxio say they have found the problem and are working on a patch? I don't know if EMC10 does it. I do know that I have installed many programs on my computer and I have not had this problem previously. I also know that I can reproduce this problem with every installation of EMC10 that I have done. Granted, that since I cannot tell you why it happens, this is only circumstantial evidence. I will again make the statement that some of you guru's who seem so adamant that this is not associated with the program, just inflame those of us who have had very serious problems with our computers. Why doesn't it happen to everyone? I believe that is one of the big questions. Instead of spending so much time denying an association, can we work for a resolution?
  12. How do I system protect files?
  13. What is the Services Icon? I just tried to view it in Task Manager and do not see a Services Icon. What OS are you running?
  14. Tom2

    Roxio does not repond when clicking icon

    Does anything happen when you click the icons? I found that the loading seemed to be very slow and it appeared the program was locked and not responding, but it just took time.
  15. I continue to be amazed at how some people here have their heads in the sand. Just because this file disappearance issue does not happen to everyone, don't assume that it is not happening to some. Roxio has already admitted that they know of the problem and are working on a fix. On my particular system and set of software environments, this problem has been 100% reproducible for the first installation and every re-installation after. This has been recounted by me and others several times on this thread. Why would Walt and others be so adamant that it can't happen when some of us seem to have nothing better to do than spend countless hours repairing our systems and trying to find answers? Walt, go back and read all of these and tell me that all of us are ridiculous. If anything, your stance by not listening is the ridiculous one. Don't be so pompous and listen to what others are saying. I believe that we are all here for help in improving our programs and skills.