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    TIVO 2 DT won't transfer w/3.0.2

    Well it started working again last week! However it was only working on my wife's iMac and not mine. I finally figured out the problem on mine, it was permissions. I had to change the folder the transfers were going to as a Shared folder and change the Sharing & Permissions Privileges to Read & Write for all accounts (I don't run as admin.).
  2. Bibo

    TIVO 2 DT won't transfer w/3.0.2

    I'm having the same problem, it stopped working after updating OS X 10.5 to 10.5.1 It also stopped working with the OS X 10.4.11 update. I tested this on 2 current gen. iMacs.
  3. I somewhat found the answer. I was converting the .tiVo files to .M4v before I was burning them because I was putting some on my iPod as well as archiving to DVD, I should have just left them as .tiVo files. Now when I try to burn a .TiVo file an alert tells me something like "Popcorn is set to burn the DVD as PAL and it will need to convert the .TiVo file to PAL 1st. Do you want to convert file or burn as NTSC?" Then I can tell it to burn as NTSC. Problem is I don't get this alert from other video sources and those still burn as PAL. But the main reason I got Popcorn was to use it with my TiVo. Roxio/Sonic Solutions support was no help they e-mailed me back once with another question, I clarified my problem and asked if it was possible they sold me the European version by mistake, they never wrote back. I never found a way to set the preferences to NTSC.
  4. Defitinly not from a PAL source, it is pulled from my TiVo. The Popcorn 3 specs says it can burn NTSC & PAL and seems to be defaulted to PAL. I can't find the option to change this.
  5. Perhaps I'm missing something but Popcorn 3 is recording in PAL and I can't see where to switch it to NTSC. Where is this setting? Thanks