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  1. With Leopard just weeks away, I am a little concerned that Roxio doesn't seem to be addressing the possible incompatibility of some of their products with it. For example, Toast 8 runs fine, but Popcorn 3 can't even launch - at least on half a dozen systems I have the Leopard beta running on. Has anyone else had any luck? Thanks, TN
  2. This looks like it might work! Thanks very much indeed. T
  3. Hi all, Whenever I convert a VCD music video from the disc into iPhone format, Toast somehow defaults to saving the file in a format that is seen by iTunes as a "TV Show", listing it in the source list as such. I would prefer to have these files seen either as "Movies" or "Music Videos". Is this possible, and if so, how do I do this? Many thanks for any advice. Regards, T Nosce
  4. Tenosce

    Popcorn 3 - can't launch it

    Popcorn appears to be incompatible with Leopard (beta Mac OSX 10.5 (9A559 version)). Will need Roxio to come up with an update soon.