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    not enough disk space!

    i think it is disc space cos the disk space of my hard drive is still 40GB. i really cant understand why the indicator is still green when there isnt enough disc space..
  2. jgchua

    not enough disk space!

    i have been using toast for a long time already. but it is only recently that i encountered a problem. im burning some videos which is 25 minutes each and is around 200MB max. i tried adding around 10 files of it and the indicator is still green. so i assumed that i can still add more files. but when encoding reached 99.99%, an error popped up stating that disk space not enough. my question is, why is the indicator still green when there isnt enough space already? i have been burning these stuff for awhile and have not encountered any problem. i only did when i tried installing toast 8. it started with that then i downgraded to toast 7 again but the problem never was resolved. if only i knew that would happen i wont upgrade to 8 anymore and stick with my old copy. what is the capacity of a dvd when it comes to videos? is it 4.7GB or 120minutes of video? hope someone can help me cos its really frustrating!! thanks!!