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  1. I just noticed today that there is a service pack update for NXT8 ----> creatornxt8_sp2.exe . I installed it and it resolved the distorted audio on my machine instantly (I had to delete all existing a_proxy files first so new ones would get created) Finally ... after wasting over $100 on NXT7 as it never worked properly. Hopefully this fixes you up too DB56.
  2. For the record, I just purchased NXT8 Pro to see if they finally fixed this issue ... It does the exact same thing!!!! Corrupt aproxy files are still being created. The audio in output files is ok, so the application is usable ... Just a pain when editing / previewing your work.
  3. For the record, I just purchased NXT8 Pro to see if they finally fixed this issue ... It does the exact same thing!!!! Corrupt aproxy files are still being created. The audio in output files is ok, so the application is usable ... Just a pain when editing / previewing your work.
  4. I have the same issue. Posted about it in March, moderators closed the discussion. Went through about 4 stints with Corel tech support, remote access, reinstallations and they suggested I get a refund. I can't believe they won't find the source of the issue and fix it. No updated software available. I have tried installing on 3 completely different computers plus a windows 7 and windows 10 virtual machine, all with the exact same issue so it is not computer related. Any video file loads and previews fine in videowave. However, the audio proxy files that videowave creates become corrupt as soon as you edit the video in videowave. I have successfully exported a few videos and even though the audio is corrupt in preview, the audio corrects itself (I assume the aproxy file is just used for videowave's editing and not actually used for creating the output) NXT5 did not have this issue. I reverted back to NXT5 and I took a video, edited it and made a copy of the aproxy file and listened to it - No distortion, no buzzing in any audio player Then reinstalled NXT7, took the same video, edited it and made a copy of the aproxy file and listened to it - Progressive distortion the further in the audio file you go aproxy file excerpt - NXT5.wav aproxy file excerpt - NXT7.wav
  5. So far, tech support suggests getting a refund ... wow, just wow!!! Ashvanth Raj Dharuman (Corel) Mar 4, 11:55 EST Mr. / Mrs. dave, Thank you for contacting Corel Customer Support. Please note that refunds can only be issued within the 30-day money back guarantee. Details Click Here To request a refund for Corel, Pinnacle or Roxio Electronic Downloads, from Cleverbridge orders, please Click Here! And fill in the form. To request a refund and return any Roxio, (Electronic Downloads or Physical Products) Pinnacle Physical Products, or Corel Physical Products, from Digital River orders, please visit https://www.findmyorder.com sign in, fill out the return request form and click Submit. Thank you, Ashvanth dave Mar 3, 20:11 EST I'll take a refund if the problem can't be resolved. Sent from my Galaxy S10. -------- Original message -------- From: Corel <support@mail.corel.com> Date: 2020-03-03 6:29 p.m. (GMT-05:00) To: dave <dave@davemurdoch.com> Subject: [Corel] Re: Roxio Creator NXT Pro 7: Fuzzy audio Ashvanth Raj Dharuman (Corel) Mar 3, 18:28 EST Mr. / Ms. dave, Thank you for contacting Corel Customer Support. Do you need a refund? Should you need anything else in the interim, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you, Ashvanth Corel Customer Support
  6. I only tried exporting once and the audio was fine. I've since reinstalled NXT 5 until this gets resolved or I get my money back.
  7. Just purchased NXT 7 Pro today at $50 off. When in Videowave, as soon as you start editing any video (mp4, avi, mpg that is approximately 10 minutes long or longer), the sound gets really fuzzy and it is impossible to work with in preview, etc. The preview audio in videowave is fine until you make one change (like splitting the file) then it becomes fuzzy. The audio is good in an outputted file, just messed up within videowave. The proxy audio files that get created in C:\Users\WINDOWSUSERACCOUNTNAME\AppData\Roaming\Roxio\EMC15\VideoUI\Proxy are corrupt. If you try to play the created proxy .wav file, the audio is all messed up (it is relatively ok until around the 10 minute mark but then gets really bad the longer the audio file is) I removed NXT7 and reinstalled NXT5 and videowave works as intended and the audio proxy files that get created are not longer corrupt. So frustrating. I've seen a few instances of this in the forums for NXT6. The chat agent I was on said he's never experienced this before (of course), had me reinstall, rename a bunch of programdata and appdata folders, but that did absolutely nothing. Here's an example of what it is doing ... Videowave Problem.mp4
  8. I had the same problem with 2011 and now with 2012 Pro. When I open a Videowave project that I created in Roxio 2009, I am able to edit it, preview it, save it as expected but I am not able to Export As or Send to MyDVD. No error, it just does absolutely nothing. If I create a new project, even with the same source video files, I have no issues exporting.
  9. I just upgraded my computer so I am on a fresh install of Windows 7 64 bit and a fresh install of Creator 2011. Video copy and convert won't launch. It just stays on the splash screen forever. No errors, doesn't show up as Not Responding in task manager. The process does show in task manager, but it does not show up as a running application. Any ideas? Thanks, Dave
  10. It was the Lame mp3 encoder I had installed. I didn't realize that Roxio used their own version of the Lame encoder and there was a conflict as a result. I removed it and it works perfectly now. Thanks.
  11. I am running a new install of Creator 2009 Special Edition SP4 in Windows 7 64 bit. I have an mpeg file that I have split into several parts in Videowave. I have moved the parts into a different order and deleted some sections. When I export the file, the audio doesn't match up for the first section and the last section. The beginning and end have the original audio (beginning section was deleted and ending section was moved near the beginning) The audio didn't follow the video when I changed the order. Several sections in the middle are in perfect sync. This has never happened before. (albeit in XP pro) If I export the file without editing it, the sync is fine. Thanks, Dave
  12. I don't know yet. I just got my ARCHOS 605 late last week so these are my first attempts at loading movies on to it. All of my ISO's burn fantastic backup DVD's. When I mount the ISO and play it in Windows Media Player or Power DVD as a DVD, the volume is fantastic. When I mount the ISO and load it into VideoWave and play it, the volume is low. I do use DVD shrink to remove all of the menus, subtitles and extra languages and shrink my ISO's to single layer DVD size. All I leave is the 5.1 Audio Stream. Do you think that is the problem in Videowave? It has to convert the 5.1 into 2 channel stereo for videowave playback / encoding so it loses some volume? The sound is crystal clear, just low volume. I haven't tried one yet where I leave the original 2 channel audio stream in the ISO. I will try that next to see if that is what is causing my problems. Thanks, Dave
  13. I don't use adobe premiere elements because it can't output to divx avi format. Roxio's Video copy and convert has no way to adjust the gain in volume (which is the purpose for this post) and it wants to force my 16x9 movies to 4:3 with crappy letterbox bars above and below. Videowave lets me create 16x9 divx files from my 16x9 ISO's. Using 16x9 format and Divx "smaller file size" output in VideoWave 10 creates very nice 600MB to 1GB files that are perfect for my Archos 605. My question was: Is there any way to increase the volume gain more than 6dB at a time? I don't know why Roxio has limited it to only +6dB volume gain. Thanks though. Dave
  14. I am using Videowave 10 to convert DVD ISO's to Divx .AVI for playback on my new Archos 605 (160GB). Everything works perfectly. I get very manageable file sizes (600 MB to 1GB) and the video is crisp and clear. The only issue I am having is the resulting volume is quite low (although it is very clear). I end up having to edit native audio of the ISO, force a +6dB volume gain and then output my divx file, then I have to open the divx file in Videowave 10 and force another +6dB volume gain to set the volume where I need it to be. Is there any way to have Videowave 10 set to increase the volume gain more than +6dB at a time. Most other encoding programs I have used like Adobe Premiere Elements, etc allow you to increase the volume as much as you want. It is easy to do in Videowave 10, but it is a pain because it takes an extra 20-30 minutes per divx movie because I have to encode the video twice. Thanks, Dave
  15. Mud

    Easy Media Creator 10

    I was having the same issue. Here's what fixed it for me. I have an ATI AIW X1900 graphics card with Catalyst Control Center installed. There is a setting in CCC under Avivo Video "All Settings" for Windows Media Video Acceleration. By turing the acceleration off, it allowed me to run myDVD without any problems.