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    High Defintion DVD Authoring

    Does Roxio allow you to create movies in high Defintion at 720p? I am using the basic Roxio 8, not essentials.
  2. miranda_network

    Media Center Extender For Xbox

    I have a Dell Windows Xp Media Center Edition 2005 Computer with a X300 Radeon Videocard (TV out, HDTV out, VGA out) I want to buy a Media Center for Xbox add on feature. My xbox is the version prior to the Xbox 360. I have a 100MBps Network. I was wondering how he quality looks on a standard television. The TV with the tube. I don't have a Plasma, HDTV, Flat Screen TV, etc. What other types of connections does anybody out there have? I would assume the linksys Media Center Extender is the same way/idea. I don't want to make a purchace without input or advice. Help would be appreciated!
  3. miranda_network

    Nothing Is Displayed On The Screen!

    I just had a dead graphics card. I don't know why it didn't work before...
  4. miranda_network

    Nothing Is Displayed On The Screen!

    Yup, All monitors I own.
  5. miranda_network

    Missing Roxio Forums Icons

    When I click "My Controls" Under: Inbox, Sent Items, etc. There are missing Icons. An icon is also missing when The Message Editor/Modifier appears on the page. Is everyone seeing this?
  6. miranda_network

    Nothing Is Displayed On The Screen!

    When I Turn on my Dell Dimension 8300 (Came w/ Windows ME; now w/ WinXP), nothing is shown on the screen. I tried another graphics card, but no luck. The CD Drives seem to work, and the system powers on, and seems to be ok. I'm not computer iliterate, I can open the computer, and work on it, etc. I just never seen anything like this. The Hard Drive Spins and has power going to it. My friend has it at his house and couldn't get it to work. He owns 3 Dell PowerEdges and is experienced w/ Dell Computers. He is going to ask his friends for Ideas, but I just thought I could ask here. Help will be appreciated!!! Thanks!
  7. miranda_network


    Click Graphics Test so the best option will be automatically chosen. Hardware is the best option. What is your Issue?
  8. miranda_network

    Tdk Dvd-rw Size

    I wanted to write data to a TDK DVD+RW at 47.7 GB and Roxio Record Now (in Roxio 8 Home) said it was 4.4GB? It is Erased (Using Quick Erase) Why is some go unseen?
  9. miranda_network

    Media Import "import Now" Button.

    Try Reinstall your EMC 8 Product. I can confirm that the button works, because I was just scanning some photos using my Hp 2410xi All in one printer. If it doesn't work, it might be a compatability issue or your drivers just might need to be updated just like sknis said.
  10. miranda_network

    New Version Seems Very Buggy. :(

    Several Roxio Officials monitor this forum. But only one of them seems ti do it every day. They are trying their best to help people. Try getting the latest driver updates for both your CD/DVD burner and Graphics Card. This may help.
  11. miranda_network

    Error: Updating Menu

    Did you try and reburn the DVD? Also see if you have the latest Roxio 7 or 7.5 updates installed.
  12. miranda_network

    Dvd Disc Name

    Now it is totaly customizable. Limited to only about 6-8 characters.
  13. miranda_network

    Error 80040207

    Try install the latest updates from Roxio (Roxio 8.05)
  14. miranda_network

    Audio And Video Out Of Sync In Rendered Video File

    Several Questions: 1. What are you system Requirements? 2. Are you using any dvr-ms files? 3. Did you install the Roxio 8.05 update?
  15. Is there a list of the corrected problems in EMC 8.05?