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    Jim, Thanks for the reply. I actually figured out a way to fix it. In the project settings panel, under the Movie Buttons area, having the option " play movie and all remaining movies in project" created the problem. Changing it to "Play movie only" alleviated the problem. The weird thing is, I NEVER changed this option in my life. Don't know why it flip floppped to this setting. But the project was completed, and everyone was happy on Xmas morning. Thanks again Jim, for your attempted help. Having these forums around is a huge asset to the Roxio community! Tyler
  2. Hey Y'all, I'm having a weird problem. For some reason, when I import a movie into My DVD, right click and edit chapters, set chapters (with "generate chapter menus and link to selected button" checked, then preview the video, the chapter buttons (created for you automatically in the menu) play the video from the start of the movie and NOT the chapter point. But if I hit the "next chapter" button, the DVD advances the correct chapter point. The weird thing is that I've done this procedure a million times and its worked in the past just fine. I've opened up saved projects that have worked in the past, cross checked them, and can't find a difference. This finished DVD is an Xmas gift and now I'm getting nervous! Please help! Thank you! Tyler
  3. Y'all, When in Sound Editor... Is there a way to copy one clip's edited settings (i.e. EQ, reverb, etc.) to another clip open in a project? So, if you have a project with multiple clips all needing the SAME settings, you don't have to manually adjust all of them? Thanks! Tyler
  4. Thank you! I'll give the settings s look. Only I swear it was working a couple of months ago without me changing any settings. It was coming through on a half second delay while using the Roxio LP / Tape Loader (old Marantz, headphone out). (Already tried it- still no sound). Thanks! Ty
  5. Group, Is it possible to hear the same audio coming out of your speakers that you are capturing live? Like from a normal stereo-jacked computer microphone. Is there a setting I am missing? Thanks, Tyler
  6. Ty Catt

    Menu Audio

    Nope- Have latest Direct X and SigmaTel drivers. To be more specific, after I adjust the volume, then preview it, I access the audio setting and it's back to 0 dB (including no Fade In and Fade Out). Weird! Any other ideas? Ty
  7. Ty Catt

    Menu Audio

    Hey guys, Is there a way to lower the menu audio in MyDVD? I saw the audio icon in the upper menu window (with mute, dB levels, fade in, fade out), but after I adjust, the menu audio remains the same. In fact, when I revisit the settings, everything is reset back to zero. Am I nuts? Ty
  8. Ty Catt

    What The Heck!

  9. Good old dumb question... How do I restore my audio track to full width (showing the waveform of the audio, same width as video track)? I somehow shrunk it to the width of the overlays and FX and such. Thanks! Ty
  10. Ty Catt

    An Easy One, I Think...

    NICE! Thanks! Ty
  11. Hey y'all, Is there a way to take a still image and resize it with a zoom OUT on it in Videowave? I have some family photos for a project which were shot poorly, cutting off some hair on faces, and once put into NTSC, the underscan will cut them off more! Any suggestions? Thanks! Tyler
  12. Ty Catt

    LP/Cassette Transfer

    Oh, yeah, this DVD player ALWAYS plays CD's, no problem. As does the car CD player. Regular CDs too, not RW. Good point with the lower speed, I'll try that next, and the next logical step will be another brand of CD. I'll give'm a try. Thanks! Ty
  13. I was recently transferring some old cassettes into digital via EMC10. Now this may not be a "problem", but after I recorded them, cleaned them up in the Sound Editor (saved as .WAV for further tweaking later down the line), and burned them to disc, the disc won't play in alot of CD / DVD players. This includes my Chrysler and Sony DVD player that won't play them. The computer plays them, and my cheapo night stand CD player does, too!? Just wondering if another "final burning' format is better, or is it possible it was a mistake I could have made earlier on? Thanks! Ty
  14. Ty Catt

    Keyframes in Audio Waveform

    Sknis, Yes, Thank You! It turns out, I wasn't highlighting the point first- it was always ghosted. Right clicking and deleting worked once I selected the point. Much better now, thanks again for your assistance. Ty
  15. Ty Catt

    Keyframes in Audio Waveform

    Actually, I-Frames and Key Frames are completely unrelated. I-Frames are used in the DVD burn process, not for the editing process of controlling clip attributes over time. If you look closely in other EMC programs, like the Sound Editor, you will see the term envelope (via Key Frames) used in the capacity in which I have been referring. That's why I think VideoWave has the same capabilties. Tyler