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    Are there any pros or cons to using either of them? Success stories? Do's or don'ts? Thanks! Tyler
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    Gary, Thank God! I thought I was seeing things! You mentioned that it may have to do with hardware encoding. Is there a software encoder in EMC10? What's the deal with that tab I have seen with hardware vs. software enabling? Can't remember where I saw it, but does that have anything to do with it? Thanks! Tyler
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    Steve, Thanks for all of your help. You have provided me much assistance. Thanks again! Tyler
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    Steve, Thanks for the reply! I've replied with the long string of dashes...(sorry if it's muddy) Please also add your computer specs including your video card/chip and OS to your signature. -----------First off, doesn't my signature meet your criteria? I have my card and OS in there! IN VIDEOWAVE: -------------Re: the default preset problem: Thanks for the Preset help, I found it. I also found that weird transition error that applies the trans length to still length, and thought it was the wrong way to do it. Whenever I trim off a song intro with the audio edit panel, the trim never stays intact?... Don't know; what procedure are you using? If you know how much you want to trim at the beginning, use Sound Editor to make a very precise trim. ----------I am using the Sound Editor! I am double clicking on an audio track to get to it. I trim, click OK, and it doesn't take! IN MyDVD: Does anyone else's slide show have a weird flicker at the top 1/8 of every picture? Almost looks like there is some kind if aliasing or field shifting? I have never seen this. Turn on the TV safe zone mask and see if the flicker is outside the mask. This may be due to your hardware. I can't comment since you didn't post any information about that , your video card/chip or monitor resolution, or aspect. -----------I'll check the safe zone, not sure but I think it was "in" the zone, but if that were an issue, what about the bottom of an image falling "in" as well? Hardware? As I mentioned (in my sig) I have a (Nvidia) GeForce 8300 GS. 1680 x 1050 res. on my monitor (does my monitor resolution really affect anything?), and I am creating a 4:3 NTSC slideshow. I am using digital photos set at 4 x 6 which I am sure we all know fits NTSC aspect ratio almost to a tee. How come when you import a VideoWave slide show into MyDVD and your video name appears on the menu, you don't get the nifty text menu options you do with just text menu creation? Yes you do, just look for it. ----------I have looked for it. When I highlight it, the "nifty" menu doesn't come up on my settings (which BTW I already have (discovered) docked). It only comes up when I highlight menu text. Not being lazy, just don't see it. How come you have no control over the navigation buttons MyDVD automatically inserts for you when you set a submenu? In particular the "length and goto" option. I don't understand this question. I have almost full navigation adjustment on the movies I place on the menu. You can set the navigation to go to a different movie after playing one of you can set it to go back to the main menu (default). ------------Let me clarify. When you make a submenu, EMC automatically places a home and arrow icon. Those are the icons I am referring to. When you highlight them, they are both GHOSTED in the link panel. On a submenu (chapters) the default is the same as commercial DVD. You start at a chapter and continue to the end of that movie. After that end, you can set the navigation to go to the next movie or back to the main menu. Which leads me to another question- Let's say for example you want to set up a chaptered DVD with all four seasons- Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. You create Spring first, then set Summer as a submenu? Is that the right way? I am used to other programs (like Ulead DVD Studio) where you can keep the menu as a rotatable menu, in other words you could easily navigate backwards to Winter too. Am I missing something here? No, select a menu with "seasons" as your main menu and then the four seasons as submenus. See the tips and tricks area of EMC 9 for a post on how to make a customizable menu. -----------You missed my point- I don't want a Seasons Main page, just start on Spring Menu with an option to go(backwards) to the Winter Menu. Sorry for all the queries, I am new to EMC10 and am eager to keep creating! Thanks everyone, Ty BTW, most experienced users here could ahve answered those questions; no guru ( as used on this board required.) ---------???????? Just being polite. Didn't realize I couldn't throw the word "guru" around and not be held to it. Thanks again, Tyler
  5. Hey guys, Why is it whenever I try use a downloaded song from the internet (legal purchase from MSN Music) in my VideoWave project, it says I have to acquire license first, then when I do proceed and it says it is successful, the OK button is ghosted and nothing happens? Any reasons or fixes? Thanks multimedia machines, Tyler
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    Downloaded music compatibility

    Got it. Thanks for the help! Tyler
  7. Sup y'all, I guess the Topic Title said it all: Which is better for creating slideshows when it comes to quality ? My DVD or Videowave? Someone a while back when I posted on a different forum said that any "respectable chum would make a slideshow through VideoWave." Are there any pros and cons? I am pretty versed in MyDVD, are there any better pros with VideoWave before I proceed? I also thought I read in the EMC10 manual that different methods of doing the same thing can produce different levels of quality. Thanks! Ty
  8. I purchased a Dell 410 with Easy Creator 9 installed. Tried to make a slideshow, had the MPEG2 CODEC BAD INSTALLATION ERROR stuff. Uninstalled it. Wanted to do the CLEAN UNINSTALL. Did the uninstall. Re-installed it. NOW HOWEVER, the slideshow creator isn't even in the list of the Video Tab. Someone please help. Dell is clueless. Thanks! Tyler
  9. Sounds like you have the DE version rather than a full Retail version??? These are cut down versions and I have no idea what is included or what is excluded… James, you're right. It is the DE version. But I'm telling you, I had some of those options an install ago. After the most recent install, several options have vanished from the menus (i.ie the video tab was loaded with options, now there is just an upgrade button). I never would have gotton to the MPEG2 codec issue without those options. Oh well, thanks again for your time. Tyler
  10. Instead of waiting time with the Home program why not go their directly – Start – All Programs – Roxio EMC9 – Photo – Slideshow Assistant… James, Thanks for your reply! Even in my Photo directory, the Slideshow option is missing (it was actually in the video tab). I have heard great things about VideoWave, and even that is nowhere to be found in my menu. Am I missing something? Thanks! Tyler
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    BDAV plugin

    What is the BDAV plugin and why am I being told it won't install? Thanks, again. Ty