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  1. Sorry, I cannot reproduce that behavior...


    Anything else you can provide?




    Thanks for the reply.


    I actually figured out a way to fix it. In the project settings panel, under the Movie Buttons area, having the option " play movie and all remaining movies in project" created the problem. Changing it to "Play movie only" alleviated the problem.


    The weird thing is, I NEVER changed this option in my life.


    Don't know why it flip floppped to this setting.


    But the project was completed, and everyone was happy on Xmas morning.


    Thanks again Jim, for your attempted help. Having these forums around is a huge asset to the Roxio community!



  2. Hey Y'all,


    I'm having a weird problem. For some reason, when I import a movie into My DVD, right click and edit chapters, set chapters (with "generate chapter menus and link to selected button" checked, then preview the video, the chapter buttons (created for you automatically in the menu) play the video from the start of the movie and NOT the chapter point. But if I hit the "next chapter" button, the DVD advances the correct chapter point.


    The weird thing is that I've done this procedure a million times and its worked in the past just fine. I've opened up saved projects that have worked in the past, cross checked them, and can't find a difference.


    This finished DVD is an Xmas gift and now I'm getting nervous!


    Please help!


    Thank you!



  3. If your computer will give you the recording source for a playback source then yes.

    It all comes down to can you set your sound card to playback the recording source?

    If you use line in then probably,if you use microphone I'm not sure.All depends on your card.



    Thank you!


    I'll give the settings s look.


    Only I swear it was working a couple of months ago without me changing any settings. It was coming through on a half second delay while

    using the Roxio LP / Tape Loader (old Marantz, headphone out). (Already tried it- still no sound).





  4. Hey guys,


    Is there a way to lower the menu audio in MyDVD?


    I saw the audio icon in the upper menu window (with mute, dB levels, fade in, fade out), but after I adjust, the menu audio remains the same.


    In fact, when I revisit the settings, everything is reset back to zero.


    Am I nuts?



  5. I've got to ask, do the instruction manuals for those devices say they can play audio CDs? I've heard of some DVD players being finicky with home burned DVDs but not with home burned CDs. If they play in other equipment, I would suspect your hardware.


    You can always try staging the burn to your hard drive (burn to an audio file -- c2d) to see if that helps but I doubt it. You can also see if the burner and disc allow you to burn at a lower speed.


    Have you tried another brand of CD? You are not using RW discs are you?


    Oh, yeah, this DVD player ALWAYS plays CD's, no problem. As does the car CD player. Regular CDs too, not RW.


    Good point with the lower speed, I'll try that next, and the next logical step will be another brand of CD.


    I'll give'm a try.





  6. I was recently transferring some old cassettes into digital via EMC10.


    Now this may not be a "problem", but after I recorded them, cleaned them up in the Sound Editor (saved as .WAV for further tweaking later down the line), and burned them to disc, the disc won't play in alot of CD / DVD players. This includes my Chrysler and Sony DVD player that won't play them. The computer plays them, and my cheapo night stand CD player does, too!?


    Just wondering if another "final burning' format is better, or is it possible it was a mistake I could have made earlier on?





  7. Putting all that aside, were you able to remove or edit the "audio" change points as I suggested above and in that video? - Now that I understand what you wanted to do. ;)




    Yes, Thank You!


    It turns out, I wasn't highlighting the point first- it was always ghosted.


    Right clicking and deleting worked once I selected the point.


    Much better now, thanks again for your assistance.



  8. Definition of Keyframes also known as I-Frames


    Short for intraframe, a video compression method used by the MPEG standard. In a motion sequence, individual frames of pictures are grouped together (called a group of pictures, or GOP) and played back so that the viewer registers the video’s spatial motion. Also called a keyframe, an I-frame is a single frame of digital content that the compressor examines independent of the frames that precede and follow it and stores all of the data needed to display that frame. Typically, a I-frames are interspersed with P-frames and B-frames in a compressed video. The more I-frames that are contained, the better quality the video will be; however, I-frames contain the most amount of bits and therefore take up more space on the storage medium.



    Actually, I-Frames and Key Frames are completely unrelated.


    I-Frames are used in the DVD burn process, not for the editing process of controlling clip attributes over time.


    If you look closely in other EMC programs, like the Sound Editor, you will see the term envelope (via Key Frames) used in the capacity in which I have been referring. That's why I think VideoWave has the same capabilties.



  9. Click on it and move it. Actually I'm not sure what you mean,


    Could you just use plain english rather than tech jargon. To me a keyframe is a video term pointing to a specific frame in a video.


    Is this what you mean? You cannot adjust that initial fade in.


    Perhaps watching the video on adding a music cut will help.


    Sorry- A keyframe is one of several desgination points a user creates to alter parameters of a clip over a set period of time. No way of not sounding techy I suppose.


    The user inputs info which tells the video or audio to change it's settings over a designated period of time.


    A complete set of keyframed points is known as an envelope.


    In the case of audio, you can program your track to be at a certain volume once it starts, decend to a new level at another time, and then rise back up at another- esp, useful for voiceovers.


    Some softwares allow keyframes on almost any feature of a clip, like color, speed, and position. Animation softwares are especially dependent upon keyframes and envelopes.


    Yes I know you can't adjust the intial key in EMC, but like I mentioned, I accidentally added some on the audio clip and now I can't get rid of them.


    It looks like EMC intended us to be able to create envelopes. I'd love to be able to use them if I knew how work them.


    I'll check out your video clp.





  10. Walt,


    I see your point.


    I am trying to avoid the Main Menu as a starting point, and just keeping everything linear. I know the submenu idea sounds user unfriendly, but if I had control over the buttons which are ghosted, it would work OK.


    So I'm guessing alot of these problems are stemming from how I created the menu.


    If I have to have a main menu to fix the issues, I'll just suck it up and do it!


    Thanks for your time!



  11. ALL settings on context sensitive - meaning those setting change according to what you have selected. The 'link' settings will only show when you have selected a button.


    Back arrows should be created automatically. As far as I know, there is no way to create those manually. Which menu style are you using?




    Thanks for the reply- I know when I see your reply I know I'm in good hands, you know your stuff! In fact thanks for all your previous help on past q's, too! :D


    Well, first off, I DO have a button selected, and the link menu is still ghosted. The buttons ghosted are the ones EMC creates for you, the home button, and strangely, the up arrow, NOT the back arrow.


    Re: menu style- I started with the default one EMC provides (movie theatre), changed the background and did my own thing with graphics, sound, etc.


    To put things into perspective let me put it this way- Let's say I want to create a DVD with the four seasons of the year, beginning with Spring. I create a submenu for Summer, then a submenu (of Summer) for Fall, and then a submenu (of Fall) for Winter. Is there a way to navigate from season to season laterally, because when EMC adds a submenu it automatically gives me a home button (i.e. Spring), and the weird UP arrow, not previous or forward buttons.


    Does that make sense? Would a screen capture help?


    I am a seasoned veteran of DVD creation with other softwares (like Ulead and Apple DVD Studio Pro), so I know my way around these things. So I don't think my problem is too far out there, it would seem to provide normal or natural functionality to the user of the DVD.





  12. OK.


    Let's say I make a menu, and then a submenu (of the main menu), and then another submenu (of the first submenu).


    On the second submenu, is there a way to create a button taking me back to the first submenu?


    EMC10 automatically creates the home button on each new menu page, taking you back to the main menu, but I need to move and navigate in a linear fashion.


    Aside from imported movies, why is the link area on the settings always ghosted?


    Any ideas, workarounds?



  13. Hey y'all,


    Is there any online literature as to how to use some of the extensive features in EMC10?

    Like a full "how to" manual?


    Obviously, the retail printed manual only covers the basics.


    It just seems like everyday I find a new feature or setting or tool I didn't realize was there that would have helped had I known (and avoided posting dumb Q's on the forum).


    Just curious.


    By the way, I never used EMC before, I'm new to it!





  14. Try software render, many people report much better result although you may not be able to use all effects and transitions.


    Since you're video is under 60 minutes there is no need to use "Fit to Disc, just stick with HQ quality for a 4.7GB DVD.


    Are you running the ;atest drivers for your video card as well as the latest DirectX?


    Can you set the software/hardware render option based on project, or is it ONLY on or off (which I think I've noticed)? Which leads me to another question- is it possible to import movies rendered differently (one rendered with hardware which has fancy transitions, one doesn't with software render) into MyDVD? Because I have noticed if you update a VideoWave movie, it doesn't update in MyDVD. In other words, should I re-open my projects in VideoWave, reset the project settings to the appropriate "renderer", re-save, then re-import the movies and redo the menus in MyDVD? Sorry if that was a mouthful!


    I wondered about the Fit to Disc thing :glare: , I know that it sometimes helps with compatibility issues, so I thought I'd play it safe.


    I got the computer in September, so I think everything is up to date, but I'll definitely check it after work.





  15. Folks,




    I shot and edited a friend's wedding as a last minte favor ( I am a professional videographer, using EMC10 for quick jobs on the go at home). I shot it with a Sony MiniDV cam, and edited with VideoWave, and burned to menued disc with MyDVD.


    When I finally put it to disc with MyDVD to watch the finished job, the video was playing at like 2-3% FASTER THAN NORMAL !?


    Sounds nuts, but it is definitely faster, motions are accentuated unnaturally. Even kind looks like progressive scan. You really pick up on it with dissolves.


    I used "Fit to Disc", 4:3 aspect, nothing funny or abnormal.


    Under an hour total footage (@55 min.).


    Simple dissolves between scenes, couple BW shots I altered for looks, but that's as fancy as I got.


    Two seperate movies, both with this weird result.


    Hardware vs. software encoder? I am set to Hardware.


    The only weird error I had was the overlapping buttons error (couldn't see where, MyDVD placed them for me, so I ignored and went to burn).






    Thanks, comrades,