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    Hdr Express

    Can't get my HDR Express to work its not accepting my product key it keeps saying no more activation
  2. Hello there i hope you can help me.I have 2010 Pro and im having a problem with my copy and convert feature,every time i try to trim my project and i move the slide bar the program freezes up and i have to go to the task manager to end it and then,, I will of lost my project ,and this is happening since i bought the product 2 weekes ago.i have all the updates for the software. should i return it Please advise.
  3. Grlzwchr

    Program not working

    Hey guys im assuming from the other post im not the only one having a problem,i have the newest version of EMC10 deluxe and like every one else it keeps freezing my computer im strongly thinking about returning it
  4. Grlzwchr

    Program not working

    Well guys since my last post i have been able to resolve most of my problems ,i have to say since those roxio tech guys helped me the program is working fine so far,(dont wanna talk to fast)...lol but when you get it(the software) going it is truly awesome. Thanks again Roxio Tech support