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    Disc Spanning & File Splitting

    Is it possible to have disk spanning, but not file splitting?
  2. Dr Dave6

    Disc Spanning - The Details

    I'm using Toast Titanium, version 7.1.2 I have read the help file on disc spanning and want to make sure that I understand what's going on...before using this feature. If I don't have any files that are larger than the media (a CD or DVD), does this mean that "the process used to fill the media" is the same, weather I specify "Mac Only" or "Mac & PC?". More specifically, does Toast take all the files that are supposed to be written to the media, then figure out the best way to get maximum use of the media? I imagine that it starts by writing the largest file to a disk and when the next largest file does not fit, it then finds another file that WILL fit; When no more files from the list will fit, then it prompts you to insert an empty disc. Is that the way it work?