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    Invalid serial number

    BOT3 doesn't have instant restore but BOT3 suite does!! It is very misleading. I therefore do not rate Roxio as a company that I would want to do business with again.
  2. StephenS

    Invalid serial number

    How many discs did you need? I have tried this and it said I would need 16 DVDs! Not sure I can be bothered to do all of that.
  3. StephenS

    Vista Compatible?

    I would steer clear - there has been a lot of problems with BOT3 - the upgrade is not what you expect. Get yourself a seperate backup programme or wait until Roxio have got their act sorted out. See other threads for more details on the issues.
  4. StephenS

    Finally got a working serial from Digital river

    I originally bought BOT3 specifically thinking I was getting the Instant Restore facility. Now I have seen that what I had bought does not match what I thought I was buying I have got a refund. BOT3 on it's own is nothing special and not really worth the money. There are plenty of better back up programmes out there. I have started use Syncback SE which does the job nicely.
  5. StephenS

    number of disks

    Hi, thanks for your help. However, the hard drive is in NTFS format. I do have a lot of data on the drive and I guess my expectations of Roxio were too high. It did not help that I was led to believe that I was upgrading to BOT 3 Suite but in actual fact I had upgraded to a lesser product - BOT 3. I am pretty disgusted with Roxio and their dodgy and misleading marketing. I would delete all the Roxio stuff but my computer has about 20 Roxio programmes installed (the original Creator 9 Basic, the upgraded EMC10 and the BOT3 programmes) and I am not sure if it would be a wise move now that Roxio has taken over my PC. Thanks once again.
  6. StephenS

    Invalid serial number

    I also wemt through all this trouble: - upgraded from Roxio 9 Basic to EMC10 as prompted for about £39.99 - found I needed to buy the additional BOT3 for Disaster recovery for another £9.99 - downloaded software - key did not work - chased up Roxio via technical support and got no joy - asked for a refund which was immediately given - a week later recieved 2 new keys via email! - tried the first one and BOT was installed but contained non of the features advertised - I believe this is ver 1 NOT ver 3 - EMC10 is now offering me BOT3 for a further £19.99 - checked my Roxio account and apparently I have registered copies of BOT3 listed (refunded) and BOT v1.1 I think Roxio have made a number of significant errors which means I for one have lost confidence with them. I have bought a programme called Syncback SE which I had available for 30 days to try before paying for - It worked, I paid, I'm happy. Roxio need to get their act sorted out!
  7. StephenS

    number of disks

    Ah yes, I now see that it is offering this at $39.99 or in sterling it is £19.99. I am not sure what I originally bought for £9.99 but that has now been refunded. The question remains though - is this worth the extra money? When reading the info about BOT 3 it sounds very similar to the restore/rollback features that are present in windows anyway.
  8. StephenS

    number of disks

    Just noticed another option to "upgrade" within EMC10 to BackonTrack 3. I think I have installed Back on Track v1. I have recieved a refund for v3. Very confused by Roxio!!! Wish I had stuck with Nero which I used on my old PC. I only used Roxio because my new PC had Roxio 9 Basic already installed. I thought that if I upgraded to Roxio EMC10 (as prompted) then I would have everything I need. I don't like the underhand way that Roxio is trying to part me from my money with continual upgrades and add ons. Anyway - the big question - do I or do I not now try and download and install BOT 3? Which for some reason is now going to cost me £39 as opposed to the original £9.99 when EMC10 first suggested I upgrade.
  9. StephenS

    number of disks

    Hi, I went through the painful process of "upgrading" EMC10 to include the disaster recovery option of Back On Track 3. I too was sent the wrong code. Eventually I recieved 2 emails containing 2 different codes - the first one I tried worked. I was also confused with some of the BOT components stating that they were version 1. Everything installed OK though. I then went to the disaster recovery option to do a complete drive backup and found out that I need 16 DVDs to do this!! The size of the backup was 65GBs when the original hard drive size is 90GB. I thought the compression would be better than this - my original recovery disk is only about 8GB big. Reading through the info on the Roxio website it does not say that you need loads of DVDs or a large external drive to use this programme. Am I going wrong somewhere?