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  1. here's what I did... I updated my Toast... problem was still there. I dumped the prefferences... I tried again, problem was still there. But then, I changed the cache or temporary spot where the files goes while burning... and now it's back to work. I good for now!
  2. I was playing some cds from the library and I think I got the drive dirty. Now I know to clean all disk (from the library) before playing. First it would not play or read DVDs. But it would play CDS. I got one of them CD/DVD lens cleaner disks. I ran that and I'm now able to play and record DVDs again. Thing is now I can't record DUAL-LAYER DVDs. When i run it on Toast I get this: The drive reported an error: Sense Key = MEDIUM ERROR Sense COde = 0x73, 0X03. This is when i'm trying to make a DVD-Video form Video_TS Again, I can play and burn CDs and DVDs. But can't burn Dual-Layer DVDs. However, if I put in a blank DUAL LAYER DVD and burn it as DATA using the Apple DVD burner tool. It burns fine. So seems like the problem is a TOAST problem. It was working fine 2 weeks ago. But suddently it's all weird now. Any ideas? oh yeah, I have an Apple iMac G5 iSight with OS X 10.4.9