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    Burning DIVX files to DVD

    iMovie can import MPEG-4? I always thought it couldn't, which is why so many people tell Mac users to stay away from flash camcorders. Is that a new feature? Thanks for your advice!
  2. sgtpork

    Burning DIVX files to DVD

    I'm in the market for a new camcorder, and I'm thinking about getting one of the small flash-based models for ease of toting around. I know that the MPEG-4 cameras don't play well with Macs, but I found a camera that records in DIVX. Do you think I could take files straight from that to my Mac and burn them to DVD with Toast and get decent quality? Thanks.
  3. Frenchtoast, what format is the audio you used?
  4. I had the same problem. I experimented a bit and managed to get one project to export, but in order to get it to work I had to remove the audio track. The audio tracks I had been using with it were ripped into Apple's lossless format, so I don't know if that had anything to do with the crashing or not. I haven't tried MP3 or AAC audio with it yet. I reported the problem to Roxio and sent the crash log several days ago. It has been escalated to tier 2 support, whatever that means, but it has been several days since I've heard anything. Obviously this problem isn't uncommon. It's very frustrating. G4 Mac mini, OS X 10.4.6
  5. Thanks to the tips on this forum I figured out how to import a PAL Video_TS file and get Toast to convert it to NTSC. But now I have another obstacle: getting the resulting coverted video burned to a new DVD. After converting my video to NTSC, the project ended up being over 8 gigs, so Toast told me it couldn't burn it to my single-layer DVD. How do I get Toast to compress that converted file to fit on one DVD? Do I just save it as an image then re-import it into Toast?
  6. sgtpork

    Converting Pal Dvd To Ntsc

    Ok, I must be doing something wrong because I followed tsantee's instructions but Toast ended up burning another PAL copy of the DVD. I've tried several things but Toast has never asked me about converting the PAL Video_TS to NTSC. I made sure that NTSC was selected in my preferences too. What am I doing wrong? Should I be using the DVD from Video_TS option, or just the DVD option? EDIT: NM. I figured it out. I used the plain DVD option and it seems to be working.
  7. sgtpork

    Newb Question Re Dvd Music Discs

    Thanks for the tip!
  8. sgtpork

    Newb Question Re Dvd Music Discs

    I created my first DVD music disc yesterday and it came out fine. But even though I had unchecked the smart playlist option, Toast still organized my music into artist/album groups. How can I prevent Toast from organizing that way so I can just have one massive playlist? I want it that way so I can set the disc to shuffle through every song, not just within albums. BTW: I imported all my songs from an external HDD, not from my iTunes library. Could that have affected the way Toast arranged the songs? Thanks.