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    DVD burns fine, but won't mount when re-inserted

    Is Roxio even going to reply on this problem? None of my DVD are now readable on any of my external Firewire DVD Drives. I don't want to buy another external drive and only have the same problem burning using Toast.
  2. Jubei

    DVD burns fine, but won't mount when re-inserted

    I'm curious to see if this has helped also. My Lacie exter d2 drive is doing the same thing. It burns fine, reads commercial DVDs fine, it read iMac DVD burns fine. But for some reason it refuses to read its own burned disc. It does it the first time, but afterwards it spits it out, but the disc reads fine on all other drives.
  3. Jubei

    Popcorn 3 & Turbo .264 (elgato)

    I just got the Turbo and Popcorn 3. I wanted to do a 2 pass and whenever you try to alter the preset, it will not recognized the Turbo.264 anymore. I hope Roxio updates the program to use it. 2 pass will yield a higher quality image than a single pass.