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  1. gesplus

    Text Has Disappeared From My Dvd Menus!

    You moved fonts around and Toast won't put in a default font, it does no font. They won't fix it for 7. They never admitted it was a Roxio problem but it mysteriously was fixed in Toast 8. It was okay in 7.0.2, until the 7.1 update. Go back to 7.0.2 and it works fine. Here's some links to my postings here regarding it. http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?showtopic=9024 http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?...c=15589&hl= http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?showtopic=12758
  2. gesplus

    Not Enough Free Space No Matter What I Do

    You do know John is talking about freeing up hard drive space, right? Not using less DVD space.
  3. gesplus

    Dvd Burns But Won't Mount When Reinserted

    Do they work in another machine? I had that problem once, it turned out to be a bad DVD burner. The top drive would not mount but the bottom would. I replaced the top drive and the problem went away. It wouldn't do it all the time, it was a random problem. A reboot would fix the problem for a while.
  4. gesplus

    Toast 9.0.2 Crashes My Powerbook G4!

    I have seen bad or incompatible QuickTime installs take down FinalCutPro and the whole system. I think Toast also uses QT for its encoding, maybe someone from Roxio could confirm, that may be locking things up. What version of QT and OS X? Maybe try doing the combo installer for the OS, and then the latest QT install again. Is there anything in your Console or System logs via the Console app?
  5. How about instead of the magic button, export from EyeTV "for Toast" first, then drop the file on Toast, Video/DVD-Video section.
  6. gesplus

    Replacement Disc?

    Download the latest version and burn it to a disc. There is no installer/updater, it's a full version. Copy the Toast folder on the mounted downloaded disk image to your Applications folder. Use the serial number on the sleeve the original came in. I don't know why they didn't suggest that.
  7. gesplus

    4.7 GB Disc Capacity only 2.12 GB

    Has the disc been erased? Did you do a Quick Erase? If so that doesn't recover the space used. You need to do a Full Erase.
  8. gesplus

    8.03 UPdate

    Hold down the Control key, click on the folder, choose Compress Toast 8 Titanium, when it's done compressing throw out the original folder and empty the trash. If the new version doesn't work just throw it out and uncompress the old one. Or you can also just move the Toast folder out of the Applications folder to install the new version, then rename the old folder so they don't have the same name and put it back. Both can happily live on the same drive, but you have to make sure you launch the right one, so compressing and throwing out the original is the least confusing way.
  9. gesplus

    The contents of this VIDEO_TS folder cannot be compressed

    What version of MTR? Search the MacTheRipper forum using " folder cannot be compressed" there are quite a few suggestions. It's probably not a Toast problem.
  10. gesplus

    8.03 UPdate

    You have only yourself to blame. You threw out the old version before you found out if the new version worked.
  11. gesplus

    Toast Video Player Won't Load

    It looks like you're trying to burn something to Toast from EyeTV? What steps are you taking exactly? What EyeTV version?
  12. gesplus

    burning mac install backup

    I was under the impression you must use Disk Utility to burn a bootable OS X disc. It worked for me that way. Made a DVD Master copy in DU first, then burned from DU.
  13. gesplus

    Is a Toast Image File an ISO file?

    Most of this was covered but here's another explanation. Correct. But there is an alternative procedure to get a .toast (.iso) file. What you can do is instead of burn, go to the Menu and do a Save as Disc Image. It will save it in a .toast file, which is like a .iso as was mentioned. Then later double clicking the .toast file will launch Toast and you can burn as many copies as you want whenever you want.
  14. gesplus

    Changing the tempo of a song

    Look for Amazing Slow Downer at your favorite software download site, versiontracker, macupdate, etc.
  15. gesplus

    Toast Does Not Open When Using Apple Remote Desktop

    Have you tried using just the DVI to VGA converter to make it think it has a monitor, maybe?