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  1. I thought the group might like a follow up on this issue. I was having trouble playing a somewhat scratched Netflix DVD on my computer -- in fact the computer wouldn't recognize the disk just like the project disk that started this thread. I tried the Netflix rental on another computer (with the same NEC 3530 DVD drive) and it worked. So I thought bad DVD burner. I had a new Sony DRU-190A 20x burner that I had recently purchased so I decided to try that one. No dice reading the disk. I headed over to Newegg to buy a new DVD burner, a 20X Samsung burner (SH S202). Voila! I could read the scratched Netflix rental AND now I could read/play the previously unreadable project DVD. First thing I did was make a copy of the project DVD. I took the copy and tried to read it on the NEC drive that (previously) would not read the master. Voila! I can read/play the COPY. Chalk this up to a better DVD burner/reader as well as more compatible media. Still have no idea what brand of media was used because I didn't want to remove the custom label. It was not scratched like the Netflix rental. It just didn't like certain DVD burners/players. So far, the new Samsungs (I bought 3 more) seem to read anything you throw at them.
  2. Yes, the drive is showing up just fine. Regarding the label. yah I could take it off but it's not going to make the disk more readable. The best thing I can think to do, short of getting another output, is to capture the DVD into my video editing software, and edit the video into my own project. I lose the original menus, but what the hay.
  3. My life is a computer store. I have a variety of desktops and notebooks. All the same. It's the disk.
  4. You are really going to like this: "No disc inserted" That's it. That's what Nero reports from the Nero Speed tester. No kidding. Others disks report just fine as you show below. Yet this DVD plays fine in my standalone deck. This disk is a freak of nature.
  5. Sheesh, The only thing you don't know is: OS: Win XP SP2 Burner: NEC dual layer DVD labels: unfortunately, the newbs like them. It's not like I'm running Windows 3.1 or DOS 6.2. We're both old timers. The OS and the burner ain't the issue. Same same issue on other desktops (running WinXP and whatever burner). Cut me some slack.
  6. We're on the same page. I have many ways to look at a disk, including Nero. Nero says this disk is blank. I cannot tell if the media is write-once or re-writable (she put a label on the disk and I don't want to remove it if I don't have to). If the media were re-writable, would this make a difference? Nero reports....there is no disk in drive. Have tried it on two desktops with NEC dual-layer burners, also tried it on a notebook with a different brand (QSI) DVD player. It too says their ain't no disk and the notebook won't play it using the PowerDVD app that's on it (which says their ain't no disk) Yet it plays fine on standalone decks. And yes, I note that finalize is not an option when you burn the project. I finally got Roxio 9 and it can't see the disk, can't finalize it (even if it was an option). This is a ghost disk, haunted. At this point, I have asked her to burn another one.
  7. As I noted, the PC thinks the disk is blank. It's not a codec issue, not an issue with WMP player. Heck, the DivX player says the same thing. There are no file to be seen in a PC environment. I am familiar with the 2 stage creation process, Nero and Pinnacle can do the same thing. But once you go from render to burn, or render to ISO to burn, the resulting disk is a standard DVD. How this apparently empty disk can play in a DVD standalone remains a mystery. It has to be in a format that can be read by a standalone -- a format to which I am not familiar. I am guessing my friend used a drag and drop method creating a DVD on the fly. I am headed in this direction. I will ask if this is what she did. In the meantime, is there any command in Roxio to finalize such a Drag to Disc created DVD? Or does she have to re-burn the project?
  8. A friend made a DVD video using Roxio Media Creator 9 and mailed me the disk. It plays fine on a standalone DVD player, but I can't play it or open it on a PC. In other words, it shows up as a blank, unformatted disk. No VIDEO_TS folder present. Nothing. Personally, I use other software (Nero, Pinnacle), so this doesn't make much sense that you can create a DVD that plays on standalone decks but is invisible to a PC. Nero and Pinnacle both create DVD videos that are PC readable/playable. The only thing that I can think is Roxio employs some kind of finalize (make compatible) scheme. I asked my friend to see if there was a finalize command -- or something related to "make compatible" (which I have read about in the Roxio knowledge base.) But unfortunately she is a bit technologically challenged and cannot determine how else to make a disk or change a disk. So, my questions: 1) Does Roxio make disks in stages, requiring a finalize step if you want to open DVDs on a PC (vs. a standalone deck)? Side question: what is the purpose of this? Add more data later? 2) If the above answer is YES, then can I take a disk that has not been "finalized" and finalize it? In other words, if I have the Roxio 9 software on MY computer, could I take this disk and make it play/read on a PC. What do I need to do? 3) If a disk already created can't be finalized after the fact, what does my friend need to do to produce a disk that can be read/played on a PC? Thanks. P.S. There is a lot of discussion on this forum about bad media. I don't think this is the case and IME the problem is not the media or brand, but a bad burn caused by a "hiccup" in the computer/burner during the burn phase. Bad physical media (I have burned thousands of disks using all brands, plus or minus) is very, very rare.