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  1. After reading other post, I am finding that this CD resizing and spacing problem is not a new one to the Roxio products. Hopefully, I will be able to do one of the suggested work-arounds, and pray that Roxio will find a patch to fix this issue..Thanks to everyone...and Happy Thanksgiving.
  2. I am trying to size or add spacing to the text from CD's after auto fill. I am going into the edit in label creator. When I try to adjust text size or add spaces the whole wording disappears. How can I fix this?
  3. gmichael

    CinePlayer not working

    how can I fix the CinePlayer from having green and pink lines on the DVD screen or tiny boxes that pop up on the screen. DVD's play perfectly on Windows Media Player. Have reseated my video card and got new drivers. Have tried a repair of the CinePlayer. Have downloaded a patch from Roxio web site. Have calls to Memorex who made the DVD player/burner. Gateway from whom I got the internal DVD drive. No one helps. Roxio thought it was a Memorex problem. Gateway says no internal drive has even had such issues, and since I do play well in Media Player...I think the problem is with the Easy Media Creator 10 CinePlayer portion. Help