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    Can't make Picture CD

    Actually I've been through a dozen "fresh discs". As soon as I put them in the disc tray a window comes up which say "Blank Roxio disc". Yes the "Enable CD recording on this drive" was checked.
  2. minkhollow

    Can't make Picture CD

    Very frustrating Nothing in the Processes tab called DrgToDsc.exe I even tried a file search and just a peeled zero. Should I call Roxio tech support?? I hear they're notorious for never answering the phone. I very much appreciate your help. Do you have any other thoughts ???
  3. minkhollow

    Can't make Picture CD

    I definitly used add/remove programs. Yes I use the XP burner but since Roxio was installed NO POP UP to write files ever happens. Instead I get a window that says "copying files" and then.... PHFFFT nothing. Still the CD icon will get a Roxio label next to it. I don't know how I could be more specific. Somehow I need to get XP to be the default again for creating picture CDs. Am I on the right track ??
  4. I have tried every way I know to uninstall Roxio EMC9. I have scoured and deleted tons of files that I think Roxio has inbedded and one thing remains that is causing me to pull my virtual hair out. My son and I enjoy creating picture CD's either of family photos or art work we create. Since we tried Roxio (then uninstalled it) we can't make picture CDs at all. They will load on to the disc and we can open them. The problem is we can't look at them on our DVD player,other computers or those Kodak picture makers in large variety stores. we either get a window saying the CD is empty or the player can't read it. We never had this problem up until 3 months ago when we tried EMC9 What is very confusing is when we attempt to look at the CD a second time (on our computer) the icon next to the CD says "ROXIO". Prior to that it said "blank disc". What am I doing or not doing ????