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    Chapter 1 won't play

    OK. Thanks. I actually had seen that post mentioned by Larry but I kinda didn't realize it was the same issue. I guess because I'm only using one movie so I haven't seen the behavior of 2nd, 3rd, 4th movies starting on incrementing chapters. I guess I'll continue to use the "work-around" only now I'll use the color panel as you suggested. Never thought of that. Thanks again.
  2. Victor1DL

    Chapter 1 won't play

    I'm making a compilation of short video clips. Each clip is 2 - 4 minutes in length. I've pieced them all together with transitions in VideoWave and then ported the production to MyDVD. In MyDVD, I marked chapters (start of each clip), set up menus, and added an intro. In total, there are 59 clips each of which is it's own chapter. When I preview the project in MyDVD, everything works perfectly. When I burn the DVD, I can watch the Encoding Preview and see that everything is working fine. However, when I play the DVD on my PC or on my TV or playing from the .iso file, it plays the intro and brings up the main menu, but when I hit "Play" on the main menu, it starts on Chapter 2. I can go back to the main menu and navigate through the chapter menus to select Chapter 1, and it plays Chapter 2. I go back to the chapter menus and select Chapter 2 and it plays Chapter 2. All of the chapter buttons (2 - 59) play the correct chapter. Only Chapter 1 will not play. I checked the link for the play button and the Chapter 1 button and they are both linked to the "Production" starting at "Chapter 1". No matter what I do, I can't play Chapter 1. I have found a work-around. I have created a .jpg of just a black panel. I inserted that into the beginning of my VideoWave production and stretched it out to last 10 sec. Then I went back into MyDVD and marked a new chapter where my original first video clip starts, 10 sec. later in the production rather than right at the beginning. Now, the 10 sec. of black screen is Chapter 1 and my first video clip is Chapter 2. When I play the DVD, the 10 sec. of black screen (Chapter 1) is skipped and Chapter 2 (my old Chapter 1) is played. This seems to work, but I don't think I should have to do this. It doesn't seem to be a problem with the video clips themselves because they will all encode and play. MyDVD just doesn't seem to want to start with Chapter 1. I had made another one before in this same way and it worked fine without haveing to use the work-around. I had about 60 clips pasted together, each of which was a chapter, and it always played from Chapter 1. Any ideas why it isn't working now?