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  1. the error message i get when i attempt to write my dvd is ILLEGAL REQUEST APPLICATION CODE MISMATCH I have tried saving as a disc image, changing the format to PAL from NTSC Have restarted, rebooted, re-installed I have tried verbatim, sony, and TDK type discs as i was told they are compatable media, it will not read DVD-R only DVD-RW but it still stops just after it says Filling the RAM CACHE, even when using a dvd-rw that is supposedly compatiable with the driver then the error message comes up How can i burn a disc from toast successfully without getting the error message? my dvd driver is a Sony DVD-RW DW U10A thanks for your help OH i have tried numerous times to create my dvds with IDVD and that is even worse The dvd took over half an hour and once it had burned it only played one track from my list of four buttons the other time i tried to burn my dvd, nothing plays atall, the dvd or mac wont recognize the disc, and as for windows? it didnt even know i had a dvd in there I kept getting an error message saying it had been reported but still nothing plays from it whats wrong? Im guessing my actual driver is faulty as i have used various types of dvd-r and dvd-rw both sony, verbatim and tdk my mac will spit them out if she dosent like them too