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    Roxio 2011 Has Trojans ?

    Then its not totally me! That blasted program won't let me download Googlechrome cause it says it has malware. I ABSOLUTELY HATE the new program on Webroot. Geez, you'd think they wouldda work all the kinks out before sending that beast out to some of us less techie people... Tnanks for telling me how to work around this. I knew Roxio wouldn't send a trojan--at least not on purpose.
  2. mkmg365

    Roxio 2011 Has Trojans ?

    I have tried repeatedly here to attach the scan log file and/or copy and paste the log file that shows TWO trojans sitting in my Roxio program. I understand I just updated Webroot and maybe its them--I never had this problem before...but could you please check. Also I need an addy where to send the scan log file so I can copy and paste it... Thanks for your help. Margaret
  3. Thank you a kazillion billion times. I went back to normal dpi--which is like way tiny for my old eyes--and got the whole box! The part I was missing was the agreeing to the user agreement thingy.
  4. Geek. EMC demands I register EMC 10. But the bloody box is only half the size it shoud be and there isn't any way to enlarge it. It freezes and won't let me register (I actually did online directly but of course EMC won't recognize that). How do I get out of this page and onto burning discs. Oh and it turns out I still have EMC 9 that came with the computer still on. Is this where the problem is????? Burning questions...(pardon the pun)