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  1. rrangel

    Calandar creater

    where can i fin a tutorial on how to create a calandar with Roxio 10.
  2. when using mymuvee 6, and trying to save and burn onto dvd. it closes and says system error. i have a brand new pc, about 2 weeks old. and have not had a chance to make even 1 dvd. what could be the problem.
  3. rrangel

    How to Install new Lightscribe drive

    Maybe i should have mentioned. I am not repacing an excisting drive. I am adding to the empty drive space. Is the procedure the same? Conections??>
  4. rrangel

    How to Install new Lightscribe drive

    thanks guys, i will atempt this and let you know how it turns out
  5. Can anyone provide directins or a link on how to add a drive to my pc. i just purchased a lighscride dvd rw drive and would like to install it myself. thanks!
  6. rrangel

    lightscribe drive life

    if i use my drive for lightscribe frequntly. will the quality disipate over time and drive have to be replaced? if so how long or how many burn hours can be done before needing to be replaced
  7. rrangel

    looking for User guide

    can anyone tell me where to find a user guide for Roxio 10, it came with my PC with no books, Thanks