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    Thumbnail buttons revert back to original

    I have one movie and 2 buttons. From the first button, I made it so it just plays the entire movie. From the second button, I made it so that the user is taken to the chapter menu to make selections.
  2. Narnia64

    Thumbnail buttons revert back to original

    Hhmmm....not good. I was finally able to get two buttons to select different pictures. I hit 'burn' and now just played the DVD. It had changed both buttons to be the same thumbnail. Bummer.... What is the best way to report this to Roxio? (or do they just see it in these forums?) I would really like to see this fixed. Thanks.
  3. In MyDVD, I have a couple buttons displayed to select movies. I changed the button style to be the 'butterfly' kind that displays a thumbnail. I can 'right-click' on these and change the thumbnail to the picture I want. Save the project and when I come back, the thumbnails are back to what they were before I made my selection. Also, sometimes when I try to make the change, it doesn't take at all and just stays the original. At this point, if I could just get them both to change), I would burn them right away without worrying about saving. For some reason only 1 at a time will change now...I had them both changed earlier but saved it and came back and the changes were gone. Any ideas?
  4. I found a work-around. So, I'm listing it for the sake of those who may be having the same problem. I found that Windows Movie Maker v 5.1 (which came with my computer) was able to capture these 8mm older cassettes without any problems. No offense to Roxio, but I didn't change any other parts of the equation except the software being used for the capture so I'm left with wondering if this is an EMC bug? Happy Thursday!
  5. I have been successfully capturing my Hi8mm cassettes using a firewire and saving to AVI. I've done this with about 10 cassettes so far. I just got to my slightly older batch (6 years old - from 2001) and the same process I've been successfully using to capture the entire tape now just stops after about 30 secs of capture. I have to sit and watch the capture take place and re-start it over and over. Instead of creating 1 AVI file for this whole cassette, I will end up with a ton of them, which I don't want. I saw some other posts about people having a similar problem, but I didn't see any that made the distinction between cassette types. Anyone got a work-around for this? I can't have this problem for the next 10 or so tapes that I need to do - it will take entirely too long and create too many files. Thanks in advance for any help!
  6. My goal is to take my old home movies on Hi8 cassette tape (about 20 of them) and copy them onto my computer so I can preserve them longer and also make DVDs of them. For some, I want to take scenes from several different tapes to make a 'best of' type DVD. In working with the software for the last few days, it appears to me that this is the process I have to follow to do that: 1. Use 'Capture Video' component to copy the cassettes in their entirety to the computer. I'm using my camcorder and saving them in the AVI format. I'm copying the whole tape at once so that I can leave it running while it captures since this runs in real time and takes about an hour. 2. Then I go to 'Manage Media' and select the AVI file just created. I right-click on it to use 'scene selection' to break the large AVI file into smaller scenes that go together (i.e. soccer game, birthday party, etc). 3. Then I right-click on one of the individual scenes and choose 'edit' which loads up the 'VideoWave' component. 4. In VideoWave, I might trim the scene a little and add a 'color panel' and text at the beginning to introduce it. Then I save the file (defaults to DMSM) and then output the file back to an AVI format. Then I close the VideoWave component so it can load the next scene later in step 5. 5. Then I repeat steps 3 & 4 for each scene of the big AVI file. 6. Then I have the large AVI file separated into several smaller AVI files. I can get rid of the large AVI file now. I can use these smaller AVI files to call up 'MyDVD' to create a DVD which will allow me to view the files and jump to different scenes, based on the smaller AVI files. Is that right? or am I making this process harder than it needs to be? This seems to take an awful lot of time and seems like I'm constantly jumping around between Media Manager/Video Wave, etc. If there are shortcuts or an easier way, please let me know... THANKS!
  7. Narnia64

    Save and edit AVI files

    I had this same issue and was trying to follow these directions. Everything is working except for this part: When I do this, the first one doesn't get replaced in VW, it just sits there. I have to save my output and then close down VW after each edit. I'm using EMC 10 so I'm wondering if this is a change with this version? Anyone know?
  8. Nevermind....I see now that I just delete it from Media Manager....I think I've been working on this tooooo long!! Time to head on over to the high school football game for a break! Happy Friday everyone!
  9. Thanks for the help! One more thing....In Media Manager, if I add a scene and then decide I want to remove that marker (not the footage), is there a way to reset that? So, what I mean is, I have scene 1, then scene 2, then scene 3. I realize I just want the footage from scene 2 to be included on the end of scene 1. I know I can delete the whole scene, but I just want to remove the marker. Any ideas?
  10. Ok thanks but I think I'm still missing something....I opened MyDVD 10 and added the video file. It still came in as one big file with no chapters. Is there a way to get it to recognize the scenes I've already created in Media Manager? If I open the file using Media Manager again, the scenes are still there just like I left them. All I could tell to do in MyDVD was to play through the whole file again and set the chapters. I tried doing the 'Edit Chapters / Automatically create chapters' (sensitivity set to lowest setting = 1) and it got way too much. Is there something else?
  11. Hi all - I have a home video spanning about a year that I have captured into one large AVI file. I have used Media Manager to locate the different scenes. I would like to somehow take this and create a DVD with chapters(?) that I can view from a menu. Then, select which scene/chapter to view from the DVD menu. I'm new to this, but I thought I would use Videowave to create the production and then MyDVD to create the DVD. I opened Videowave but it didn't seem to notice the scenes and just had the one large file to deal with. I was hoping it would recognize the scenes and somehow make them into chapters for my DVD. Is there a way to do this?
  12. I'm having problems trying to capture a 16-year-old tape. I realize this tape is nearing the end of it's lifecycle (which is why I'm trying to get the contents copied in the first place). I'm using my camcorder, 8mm videocassette and a firewire connection. When I begin the capture process, it stops prematurely. I can just start it back up but every time I do that, the software creates a new file to store it in. So, instead of one file for this particular footage, I end up with about 10. I don't have this problem with my newer tapes. So, I'm wondering if there is some trick to get around this, either by capturing some other way. Or, by somehow joining these AVI files back together into one file (and still have it an AVI file). Any ideas?
  13. Narnia64

    AVI or MPEG2?

    Bruce - Thanks for the info and thanks for your service to our country!! Vicki
  14. Narnia64

    AVI or MPEG2?

    Sorry but this is not my area of expertise, so I don't quite follow that. All I know is when I go to import the video, I have two 'capture settings' options: - AVI DV format - MPEG-2 format I am using the video camera attached via firewire to my computer. I don't know which one to choose...
  15. Narnia64

    AVI or MPEG2?

    I am trying to copy all my old home videos (from Hi8 tape) - about 20 of them - to my computer for safe keeping. Which format should I use? I've heard AVI is better quality but then I know I'm going to be copying most of these to DVDs and don't they use MPEG2? Also, AVI files are SOOOO much bigger and therefore harder to deal with....please advise.... I could go either way and would like some advice before getting started. Thanks!!