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  1. There is no difference in quality. Flattenning a QuickTime Movie on Mac or any other video file, is done so that the Video can also play on Window operating systems and maybe other systems. I don't know why all movies are not being flattened in this application, although it may be what kind of file your saving to. .MP4 or Quicktime etc.
  2. Memory

    Ntsc To Pal Dvd With Roxio Toast

    What about the frame rate? When I converted an NTSC DVD to PAL the Frame rate was still 29.97fps. Should it not have changed to 25fps? I used Custom Encoding options and set reencoding to "NEVER". Could this be why? Also does it really matter if the PAL version is 29.97fps instead of 25fps?
  3. Memory

    Ntsc To Pal Not Working

    Something that I have noticed when converting NTSC to PAL this way is that the Frames Per Second is still the original 29.97fps. Should it not be 25fps or is this not an issue. I'm using the Custom Encoding Options with Reencoding set to NEVER. Please let me know if there's another way that actually converts the FPS to 25fps.