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    Can't Burn To Lacie d2

    I have an Intel iMac, a LaCie d2 disc burner and Toast 8.0.3 and until I upgraded to Toast 8.0.3 I have been able to load the audio CD I wish to copy into my iMac and copy direct to a CD-R in my Lacie d2. Now, however, when I hit the Record button my only choice of Recorder is either the one built in to the iMac or "Other Shared Recorder". If I select "Other Shared Recorder" I am asked to enter the address of the computer I wish to access and I don't have a clue what to put in here. All I want to do is to copy from my iMac to the d2 using Toast. Any ideas?
  2. Julian

    Copying From Mac To LaCie?

    I have a 24" Intel iMac with Superdrive, Toast 8 AND a LaCie d2 disc burner. When copying audio CDs I prefer to load the original in the iMac and put a CD-R in the LaCie d2 to burn to. It saves time. However, after it has read the CD my iMac insists that I remove the original from it and put a CD-R in it so that the copying is done 100% on the iMac. How can I copy a disc direct from iMac to my LaCie d2?