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    Audio Off After Edit

    I have edited a TV show removing its commercials and when played within VideoWave and MyDVD the audio matches but after burned to DVD the audio is off after edited areas. It is the same on my computer and DVD players (portable and set top). Can anyone explain how to remedy this? I burned a Disc Image first before I burned the DVD.
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    I am experiencing the same thing and I have defragged and updated my video card (ATI Radeon Xpress 200 Series) drivers. I recorded some tv shows and I have edited out the commercials but 1 burns to disc image without any problems but the other 2 do not. It sounds like my hard-drive is working overtime and then 1-2 minutes later it crashes. Can someone please help me too? I have a Compaq Presario with an AMD Sempron processor (1.99 ghz) and 512 mb RAM. Is it a capability issue because according to the book I meet all specifications.