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    Does Toast Convert 24/96 Wav Files When Burning Cd?

    Really appreciate your efforts, archiver. With your files, the music is so dynamic that you really have to listen hard, but the 24-96 file definitely has the noise (again, playing from the Toast window, not QT or iTunes), which is carried through to a burned disc. The 16-44.1 file has no noise. Arrrrr! Now I know that it's not something weird that's happening with Digital Performer when I create my 24-96 files. So thanks for helping me rule that out.
  2. waltwagner

    Does Toast Convert 24/96 Wav Files When Burning Cd?

    Thanks for looking into this. Instead of "crackly" I probably should have said aliasing - that's what it sounds like to me. A steady, low-level, maddening static, i.e. that one would hear when the clock is not synced with the interface. I'm mystified, because, as I said, it's only upon playback/burning/making a disc image from Toast that this happens; from any other app it's fine. My (MOTU) interface is correctly set to 24/96. I get the static even if I omit the interface and just play through the built-in Mac soundboard. I'm stumped. I keep feeling like there's one little detail I've missed...
  3. My 24/96 .WAV mixes play back perfectly in QuickTime or iTunes. Toast's (TT v15.1) Audio CD window accepts these files, but playback from the window is crackly, and a burned CD sounds the same. No good! I know the CD spec doesn't support 24/96, but isn't Toast supposed to be able to convert from that, to burn a CD?