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    Invalid serial number

    According to the information provided by BOT Suite 3, Instant Restore is part of the package. The advertisement even shows that the product provides more restore points, ability to schedule restore points, etc. So what's this hype about have to pay more for Instant Retore. How do you even do it?
  2. jshank

    Back on Track upgrade to v3 fails

    I've experienced installation problems ever since installing BackOnTrack Suite 3. I successfully installed Creator 9 and then 10. Then I purchased BOT Suite 3. It would not totally install. I had File Backup and Disaster Recovery, but not Instant Restore. Each time I clicked on Instant Restore, I was directed to purchase BOT Suite 3. A revolving door. I was told to uninstall Creator 9/10. Then reinstall BOT. It was down hill from there. After two days of reinstalling, I finally got Creater 9/10 back and BOT without Instant Restore. I cancelled my previous two tickets, and started a new one for BOT. I think advice is computer generated, or is coming from India. They have yet anwsered the mail. They did provide me with the following link to get Creators back online: http://kb.roxio.com/content/kb/Creator/000086CR. Good luck. I've never had so much trouble installing programs......think I should upgrade my Tandy? Just kidding, I'm running a Dell 4400 with XP SP2. Any body got any ideas for the BOT Suite 3 Instant Recovery install?