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    emc 10 DATA DISK

    I have tried several times to burn a data disk and get the following advanced info each time. Can anyone interpret this more for me. The drive is very new and the disks are quality Verbatim 52x 700mb. Sense: 02 ASC: 04 ASCQ: 07 (Command 00) ------------------------------------------------------- Px.dll: PxAFS.DLL: pxdrv.dll: PxMas.dll: PxSFS.DLL: PxWave.dll: pxwma.dll:


    Yes, as I discovered myself, there are workarounds and I now see that this was known in v8 in 2006. But it is quite rediculous that Roxio has not put out a fix for something so obvious and fundamental in label creation. Frankly, I just do not have the time to mess around with the workarounds. What happened to the beta testers on this prog; or did Roxio not use any! Totally blown away... that said the Nero creator is no better in terms of features. Chips


    AH ha! Someone who has kindly reproduced my problem. Actually, I found another way to get the text back but you loose all editing. Select the text box with the missing text, then click the last icon " Text Object Properties" and say zero rotation, then OK and hey presto its back. The other thing I noticed is that sometimes I get check boxes before the auto-fill text and other times not. Why the text properties defaults to 90 degree rotation is crazy. I have Asus EN8600 512mb silent; Nvidia chipset. Using latest Asus Nvidia driver. This may well be a Nvidia issue, but yes it is serious bug because it is near impossible to use the label creator as is and for me this is a required prog; even though I have several other label creators tools for certain specific jobs. Cheers, I was begining to think that I had an unstable card and needed to tweak some bios settings.


    Thanks for the responses. Nothing helps so far. The autofill fills a pre-defined text field in the centre of the back label for a CD case. When I click on this object I see "File/folder List Properties". The file name are all shown, Font is Arial size 11. No style text effect selected. I have chosen a separate colour for each of outline, Fill color, and border colour. The box at the bottom shows the preview effect and it all looks good. I click OK and see no text. I see the fill colour and that is it. I see no saturation setting as such. The only way to get the text back at all, is to go "View, show smart objects, change the project type, and the text is back as default. I.e. no changes made to colours or text are retained. I am trying to understand if this is an XP problem or a graphics card issue. Assuming that you guys cannot reproduce this under XP.
  5. I auto fill from data disk (cd or DVD) and all appears fine, but the moment I go into FILe/Folder list propoerties and just click OK, the text on the back layout where the contents should appear, disappears and I cannot seem to bring it back. If I go again into "file/folder list properties" the text is there but not when I return to the layout screen. I tried everything. Presume this is not known bug Clive

    MPEG-2 codec activation error

    Same problem here using Vista 32. But I tried everything you guys suggested and after 3 attempts I still get the same problem.Firstly, in Vista 32 you have to uninstall in part of Roxio 10, there is not just one option to uninstall the whole package. Secondly, if I delete all entries in registry for Roxio and Sonic then my CD-ROm driver is no longer installed because there are hooks to Roxio and Sonic. A right mess !
  7. I would welcome some advice. In the old days , Roxio 5 , when you burnt an MP3 CD, a playlist, .m3u, was automatically created. This no longer happens, why? Instead I have a album.pvm files and a folder MPVTHUMB which seems more relevant to DVD menu, that a burn to CD. Why is space wasted on the MP3 CD with these items please? Am I missing something !