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    Weird playback issues.

    I may have found the thorn in my side with this. I learned that there was a bad spot on the hard drive where I stored the source video. It came up with a redundency error when I tried to transfer the source video to another drive. I did go get a sony burner today and will post the results of that this weekend.
  2. bbbp

    Weird playback issues.

    I have figured out that after the firmware update, the burner seems to be fine. (old, and will still be replaced this evening.) Every time I try to process video using eathier create dvd or edit video sections, either one will only process about 49 minutes of the video I want to put on the dvd. ( I saved the projects to the hard drive, tired of wasting dvds.) After that, nothing, even though the preview looks good, and I watched all the captured video to double check the integrity of the origanal sorce file. Why? I appreciate all the help.
  3. bbbp

    Weird playback issues.

    Well, I found a firmware update to get a blazing 2x! The play back on the new burn willl start up in my jvc player, but chokes if you try to change menu or sceen. The cheaper players still do the same thing, and the dvd won't play on any pc. Would you still go the burner rout? If so, I will have a new one tomorrow, and will list the results thursday. Thanks for your time.
  4. bbbp

    Weird playback issues.

    The burner is suposed to burn up to 4x dvds. I can't find a good firmware link, and the lite-on site is in Japenese. Looks like a trip to the store is in order. Any suggestions on brands? Thanks again.
  5. I have searched through the forums here and have yet to see the same situation, so here goes. The dvd's that I burned using Mydvd will not play in stand alone, or pc's. But, on the lower quality (cheaper) standalones the two I have tried will play about the first half of the content. The list of what it won't play on so far is: HP dc5100, the two sony machines I have at work. All of these are xp machines and have a minimum of one gig memory. The two it will play half way on is a magnivox travel player, and a memorex stand alone. I burned the dvd in sp mode, since the mydvd program said I had 45sec. left of space. I used TDK -r dvds to burn to. The burner is a lite-on ldw-411s. There is 15 chapters on the dvd. Should I have went with lp mode? Should I invest in a different burner? I have burned data dvds just fine with no issues. I should also mention that I did burn this at 1x. I didn't have a choice. Please help!! Thanks in advance for your time.