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  1. Hello. I used to use Roxio products and after another installation debacle with 2010, I uninstalled it and got a refund. I do want to use the program and it's features, but get an error or rebooting of computer on 2 machines with Roxio about Driver_STATE I was wondering of any patch or anything else was released from Roxio that may fix this issue as of yet... has any update been sent through the updater? If this is fix I may re buy the product. Also id the rude administrators are on here please do not delete close or do anything else with the post here. I am asking a simple question. It is a disgace that people like you actually deal with the public. Thanks for anyone who can answer. Mike
  2. Odd it only happens to me? No... I have top of the line computers and Roxio has had major install issues since version 4... 2009 had an issue with a registry cleaner.. or was that 2008? WHichever... there is a problemn with Roxio EVERY year. There is NO OTHER PROGRAMS that require these clean installs that take hours. You can simply install without problems. Roxio is just a mess with this. My PC changes to the latest every year. It is not an issue.. It MAY be an issue with other software.. BUT that shouldn't matter as Roxio shouldn't have an issue... no other software does... This isn't 1990... And the professionalism on this board is incredibly rude. I have already spoken about this on my national show... You are calling me a Magic Jack for some reason above... what does that mean...??? T I installed and returned 2010 loing ago. Onb my next computer upgrade I wouldn't think of installing a Roxio product. I really needed the Tivo file compatitiblity but there are small simple proggrams that work even better. Good way to lose people... what a mess
  3. Brandon it is the same person but I can not use both usernames as one is stored in one machine and anothe rin another.... In any case I saw your post on the other thread which you can delete.... The last line does say STOP something or another... My notebook still has the program on it.... Let me just say this is DEFINITELY related to Roxio Creator 2010. Some driver is not agreeing with Visa or something... I dont see the Blue screen on my laptop as it reboots after a half hour with an error ut doesnt show the bluescreen or does it too fas tto see what is going on.. The error was DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE Nothing is plugged into any USb ports. This is very frustrating... On one macine I had to restore it and am using Creator 2009 with no issues.. On the laptop I am using 2010 but cant keep it there if this issue keeps happening.. I did the install totally clean turned off virus proteciton and everything. Mike
  4. After installing Creator Pro 10, When I shut down my computer (2 of them do the same thing)... It says SHUTTING DOWN for a long time then gives a Bluescreen error saying something about DRIVER_STATE_POWER_FAILURE If I remove Roxio Creator 2010, it works fine! What is wrong here? I am about to give this back as every year there is some issue putting in this programn... this one I can not find a solution for... Yes, I did a clean install after taking out 2009.... Something happens at shutdown which is odd.. Anyway if anyone has any ideas or the same issue please let me know Mike
  5. I have 2009 and I didn't see the ultimate features until I bought and installed it. Is there any way to "add on" the ultimate features.. going from regular to ultimate? Mike
  6. Mike A

    Syncit? Sidebar Gadget?

    Thats all fine and good.. and I dont care how the gadget operates But I dont want to keep something open taking up real estate in my taskbar like that.... I wish it would at least minimize invisible or something.. I like the sync feature
  7. Mike A

    Syncit? Sidebar Gadget?

    I like the new SyncIT, but like the old versions, this seems to be a stnadalone program... not a sidebar gadget. Is there a sidebar gadget available? I don't like this being opened in my taskbar.... but like to have the item up on screen at all times. Thanks Mike
  8. Mike and the rest... I am having the same problem after trying everything suggested here, I am in bad shape as I really need to access this program to conitnue work on projects. I am getting Certficiate Missing or COrrupted. Please re-install.... This is on all applications rin through the main interface or seperately from applications. Things like disc copy which is built into the rx app are fine.. Videowave and all the rest are not... I did the following... - Clean install (scrubbed the registry... all roxio and sonic references out.. did item by item) - Extracted files from .exe (All files yoiu posted were there) I do not think that is where the issue is.... - Installed directx manually from the NOV_2007 folder.. it seemed to install - Rebooted. Ran install... - Started with Direct X in the install (again).... and then went through components and everything seemed fine. However aftter install and reboot I am getting the cerfticiate issue AGAIN... Also it did not acsk to activate as it usually does (I did see the actication module install). Anyone who can help get this fixed I would SO appreciate. I do not see anyone else with this certidicate error... It is frustrating because the app "waiting" wheel spins and then that error comes up. Sometimes afterwards (on Videowave) it says ERROR No permissions to launch application - after the cerfificate window. If anypone could help it ewould be so appreciated. This looks like some kind of access thing... I am full admin as the user I created. Thank you your hellp. If I can not get this to run i wil have to abandon Roxio productds... I like the products, but every year a new one come sout I seem to have issues... Thank you for whoeever helps And I will SEE that 50 doollars... and also pay 50 dollars for anyone who can quickly tell me what can be done to get this working... The frustration is great. Mike A
  9. I tried that and it did not work for me... It seems all the program files are in program Files>Roxio Creator 2009 folder. The MAIN program opens fine... looks great too! but ANY module in that folder when clicking on its exe or doing it from the main program interface will give the certificate error. Can someone from Roxio or other let me know WHERE the certificates are and HOW to install them so the program will work? It is registered correctly and all... I cant spend 2 hours unintalling and reiinstalling... There has to be a way to solve this... (Back On track Module doe sopen and work) *** I WILL PAYPAL $50 TO ANYONE WHO GIVE ME A SOLUTION TO THIS PROBLEM. I REALL YNEED TO USE THE PROGRAM AND DO NOT HAVE TIME TO UNINSTALL AND REINSTALL ALL DAY... IT IS JUST SOMETHING WITH CERTIFICATES.. THE PROGRAM DID INSTALL AND THE MAIN PROGRAM DOES OPEN..... PLEASE LET ME KNOW YOUR EMAIL WITH YOUR SPOLTUON.. I DO NOT MIND MAYING MOR EMONEY TO GET THIS PROGRAM WORKING!! Thanks!
  10. mike I am havinge the same issue... tried to clean install... everything seems to install fine but get that error with some modules... others just the certificate error... Some just do not launch.. the thing spins arounfd and that is it.. Is there a way to REINSTALL or fix the certificate issue? A clean install did NOT work.. I deleted all files, reg entries as instructed... Thank you ---
  11. I have version 1.0.44 also. This came from Roxio not microsoft.. it is part of the ROxio update not something for windows. Can someone verify if it fixes the registry cleaner issue.. I do not want to try by trial as reinstalling takes hours. Mike
  12. I received a message and downloaded a New CRITICAL update this morning. Firlst, it took a few seconds to download, and I did not receive any type of indication that it installe dor anything.. Went pretty quick... I assume it installed. Second, John or anyone else from Roxio, can you let us know what this patch does? Does it fix the "registry cleaner makes icons inoperable" issue? I'd like to now that so I know if I can run a registry cleaner without worrying about it tanking EMC 10! Thank you for youtr help and getting patches out. Mike
  13. Mike A

    Roxio does not repond when clicking icon

    Same here... I ran Norton Registry cleanr and TURNED OFF every option except check for virus software updates and STILL it taked EZ creator 10... Amazing.. I can't believe this happens and nobody does anything about it. HP had an "issue" wjhere a windows update for vista made printers just disappear from being installed.. they had a patch out the next day.
  14. Mike A

    Roxio does not repond when clicking icon

    Mr Grandpa, I actually ran windoctor, and then it stoped EMC.. I then UNDID EVERY CHANGE it made and STILL EMC did not run even after a reboot. Can you tell me WHICH ActiveX entry needs to be ignored after running windoctor so that EMC will not be affected? If I knew which in particular for sure, it would really help. Mike
  15. Mike A

    Roxio does not repond when clicking icon

    Saying this is a SERIOUS problem is an undertsatement. I went to simply burn an iso file,m and had the same as others here.. nothing happens when icons click. After reading the forum, like others here, it appears it has to do with Norton Windoctor the registry cleaner that comes with Norton System Works 2007. I reinstalled 10 and had no problem, ran Norton Windoctor and couldn't start anything up. I then went back and UNDID the registry fixes.. and STILL couldnt get EMC 10 to work... had to uninstall and reinstall everything over AGAIN! This has NEVER been a problem in the past, and ids a big one now. Someone needs to look into this from Roxio.. this should not happen. Mike