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    No Menus Recorded

    I have tried that, but I have the same issue. The ISO files that is created starts with a movie, no menus. Therefore I know the burner is fine. Is there something that I am unaware of with Roxio to create and burn mens? As far as I can see everything is set correctly, but no menus apear on the dvd or in the ISO file. Does anyone else have any ideas to help out with this? I am completely confused.
  2. mouse279

    No Menus Recorded

    So I have imported video from a Sony Handicam HDD camcorder and cut the video like I wanted. made the movie in Media Creator 9, adding menus and transitions as needed, When I preview it on my computer everything looks GREAT! I got o burn the project I see that things are being encoded in the preview screen and it looks like everything is working. However, when plaqyed back on a dvd player or on the computer there are no menus. I have the audio that I added and the transitions, but not menus (title menus, chapter menu). I have wasted a bunch of DVD attempting a various things. I almost looks as though the overall progress halts at 97% for a short time then finishes. Can someone explain to me what needs to be done to fix the burning issue?