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    Spin Doctor 6.0.1

    Oh boy, now it won't save anything!! One thing you can say though, Spin Doctor is consistent for me. It gets consistently worse! Now where's the Emoticon with it's little middle finger pointing up?
  2. klx400

    Spin Doctor 6.0.1

    DUH - I typed it wrong. Yes, I meant "Save A Copy" not save as and it saves an AIF, it's just that nothing recognizes it as a valid file so it's useless too. So I was more than surprised when after being unable to save or save a copy properly that I could save an MP3 to iTunes and there's a good AIF in the folder with the MP3. Two days ago this wouldn't work either! That was yesterday though, later today I'll be converting an album and thoroughly expect things will be different (not in a good way) yet again. In all the years I've been using Macs & PCs I've never run across such a fickle piece of software. Yesterday I had Toast 10 open and tried to launch Disk Cover from WITHIN Toast 10 under EXTRAS. Every time I tried it told me I had to launch Toast (duh it's open - ) and enter the software key. I've been a huge Toast fan for years and have shelf full of versions but lately they have been really going downhill with correcting issues. Has congress been messing around with Roxio? Just saying!
  3. klx400

    Spin Doctor 6.0.1

    Update, while Spin Doctor still won't "save" or "save as" the recording correctly, splitting up the tracks and saving it to iTunes worked. Since I like to cut the files apart in FCP for a tighter cut and the ability to reset the volume, I made the recording one track and sent it to iTunes, not only did it save the MP3 file but when I opened the folder it was also there as an AIF I could use. Now that I have this figured out, it's time to unseal the rare Root Boy Slim & The Sex Change Band LP I've been waiting to convert. I need the break from the gospel LPs I've been working on for a friend.
  4. klx400

    Spin Doctor 6.0.1

    I feel the same way. I have just installed 6.0.1 on a older G5 with 10.5.1. Successfully recorded 5 sides of 3 LPs for someone and on the last side (go figure) Spin Doctor quit saving my recordings. It's all there but when I save it it won't save a proper file but leaves a 4 kb file. Going "save a copy" creates a really big AIF file that nothing, not even Spin Doctor, recognizes. Reset the preferences, shut down the Mac, zapped the P-RAM, no help. Any suggestions? My next step it to hook up my digital video camera to the system and record to it, then edit in Final Cut Pro. Should have done that to start with. CD Spin Doctor - what a great idea if it worked.
  5. klx400

    Missing AVI codecs, can they truly be found?

    Whoa!!!! Problem solved through the perseverance of jonatsonic, round of applause. I don't know how they figured it out but if you go to this link, http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/video/perian.html Download and install perian (I also installed the update, it installs like a system preference), the AVI files now work like a charm in Toast.
  6. klx400

    Missing AVI codecs, can they truly be found?

    The response to this problem I got from a Toast 10 forum administrator: "I just got word back. We don't supply the codecs to correct this issue for .avi files and really can't recommend anything to fix as I'm not sure how well it would work for you, your computer, or our software. I wish I had a better answer for you!" At least someone took the time to answer my question. As for asking Vivitar, just sent them an email though I hold little (no) hope for a positive answer. And no, it won't play in QuickTime, QuickTime Pro, Real Player, etc. To be honest, every time I've had to deal with AVI files I've had problems.
  7. klx400

    Need H264 codec to convert avi

    I downloaded it and got nothing but a white screen and no audio when trying to play my AVI files
  8. klx400

    Missing AVI codecs, can they truly be found?

    If I knew where to send the file I'd be more than happy to send it.
  9. I'm trying to load some AVI files to Toast 10.0 Titanium and get "10 files were not added because the required codecs are missing (H264)." Is there a way to get and load these codecs or am I just out of luck. Any suggestions on a MAC program that will convert them? They will not open or convert in Final Cut Pro, Compressor or Visual Hub. The files came from a friends Vivitar DVR 840XHD (I wish people would do their homework before buying stuff like this). He shot a wedding in Ireland and needs to show the family here in the states but is out of luck so far. I tried using the AV out cable to record to standard definition, really ugly stuff but it may be all he gets with out buying a PC to capture & edit.
  10. klx400

    Dvd+r Won't Burn But -r Will?

    Toast 8.0.3, OS 10.5.1, tried 5 times with different files to burn from different drives with some Memorex DVD+R and I get the errors below. Deleted everything Toast & Roxio on my drives I could find, reinstalled, same issues. Burns OK with a -R and the Memorex DISKS work just fine when burning in my laptop. Repaired my permissions, any suggestions? The Drive Reported An Error Sense Key = MEDIUM ERROR Sense Code = 0x73, 0x03 The Drive Reported An Error Sense Key = ILLEGAL REQUEST Sense Code = 0x24 Invalid Field In CDB The Drive Reported An Error Sense Key = HARDWARE ERROR Sense Code = 0x44, 0xD6 INTERNAL TARGET FAILURE
  11. klx400

    Can't Get Tracks To Play In Spin Doctor

    http://www.roxio.com/enu/support/toast/software_updates.html Had the same exact same problem. Download the toast 8.0.3 updater, it will update CD Spin Doctor to, fixed it for me.
  12. klx400

    Cd Spin Doctor

    Downloaded & installed the Toast 8.0.3 updater. CD Spin doctor seems to be working fine. Go that route!!
  13. klx400

    Cd Spin Doctor

    Same here, G5, 10.5.1, 1gb ram, startup drive has 32.66 GB available, the second internal drive has 422.16 GB available, CD Spin Doctor 4.0. I can import, select and save tracks but it locks up every time I do the most simple thing - HIT PLAY! Just found that the way to update CD Spin Doctor is to download the Toast 8.0.3 update: http://www.roxio.com/enu/support/toast/software_updates.html I'm downloading it now, 146.9mb and will report back as soon as I get it up and running. CD Spin Doctor v4.0.2: - Resolves issue where audio preview would hang application on Leopard - CDSD Recorder Widget display now appears correct on Leopard
  14. klx400

    Toast 6 won't copy to drive

    I finally got the latest 6 to download and I was able to install and use it. Now - back to trying to get 8 to function after I load OS X10.5
  15. klx400

    Toast 6 won't copy to drive

    I bought Toast 8 a month ago which I can no longer get to work and which Roxio seems to care little about. I had Toast 6 on before the upgrade but unwisely took it off when I got 8. I can no copy the Toast 6 files to my hard drive from my original CD - I get "The alias "ButterLib" cannot be copies to the destination, perhaps because the destination does not support this type of alias." I can launch it from the CD but that does me absolutely NO GOOD since I can't eject the CD to burn a CD or DVD. Mac Powerbook G4 1.42 GHz 1.5 GB ram - OS X10.4.10 The reason I'm trying 6 is I have a large dupe job to get out and I've given up on Toast 8 for the moment!