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    Disk Image, Mac Error

    Thank you for your prompt and detailed replies. I followed your instructions, but not knowing my way around MPEG Streamclip I inadvertently saved the ts's as MPEG-1 files. I burned the DVD and the result was basically a choppy mess and a shinny new coaster! I'm in the process of saving the ts's again, but this time as MPEG-4s. I'll let you know the result. Again, thanks for your time and detailed replies. I'm sure new problems will surface; now I know where to look.
  2. linovari

    Disk Image, Mac Error

    I do have MPEG Streamclip. I've converted each of the relevant VOBs from the two video ts's into two mpegs each about 3 GB in size. But when I try to toast them into a single DVD Toast informs me that I don't have enough space! Can I burn 6 or so GB onto a single layer DVD? I'm sure your instructions are right, but I'm missing something. It seems that Toast will only compress when it's burning directly from a video ts, or am I missing something else, as well. Sorry for the inane questions. Thanks for your help.
  3. linovari

    Disk Image, Mac Error

    Hi, On an Intel Mac and Toast 7.1.2, I'm trying to merge two video ts's. I've converted each of the items to mpegs, but when I try to save the result as disk image I get a Mac Error = -18768. Any suggestion how I can overcome this problem? I don't even know what a Mac Error = -18768 is! I would have thought that burning multiple video ts's is a relatively simple procedure. Thanks