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    Popcorn 3 won't compress my Video_TS folder...

    No obvious differences between ones that work and ones that don't. I've even had disks from two or three disk sets that don't work when the others do.
  2. Nye_Coffey

    Popcorn 3: Are They Joking?

    Mac the Ripper 3
  3. Nye_Coffey

    Popcorn 2 and 3 in Leopard (10.5 retail)

    Perhaps they will fix all the other PopCON 3 stuff ups at the same time. Popcorn 2 is great - 3 is a con.
  4. Nye_Coffey

    Popcorn 3 won't compress my Video_TS folder...

    It appears that Popcorn 3 just doesn't work for some VIDEO_TS folders even if they compress and burn fine in Popcorn 2. I have had no resolution from Roxio 'Support' on this issue so it would be great to report it - so they understand this is not an isolated issue. For more on this topic see the thread "Popcorn 3: they must be joking". Good Luck
  5. Nye_Coffey

    Popcorn 3: Are They Joking?

    I am having the same proble as the other people here except I quite like the new interface. Some VIDEO_TS folders will not compress onto a single layer DVD in Popcorn 3 using "fit to DVD" despite the fact that the same VIDEO_TS folders will burn perfectly using Popcorn 2. I have been battling the Web Ticket 'support' staff for a month with no resolution - they even gave me instructions for a Vista machine once despite being told several times that I was on a Mac. At one point they asked me to remove all versions of Popcorn from my computer and only install Popcorn 3 back on - for those who were thinking of trying this don't bother. I took this a step further and formatted a spare machine then intalled the operating system to 10.4.10 with all apple software updates and installed Popcorn 3 as the only non operating system piece of software on the machine - It still wont burn some VIDEO_TS folders. To say I have had a negative experience with Roxio support would be a massive understatement.