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    CinePlayer initial display problem

    That is the correct card. I am a application developer and I beat the heck out of this card and it works flawlessly in a tremendous number of applications - except CinePlayer that is. Chip Type: Matrox G550 DAC Type: Integrated, 360 Mhz Memory Size: 32 MB Adapter String: Matrox Millenium G550AGP Bios Info: v1.5.015 (latest according to Matrox) Where do we go from here. Thanks Jim
  2. New download of EMC10Suite October 19,2007 Installed fine Everything works fine EXCEPT CinePlayer When invoking CinePlayer from Start Menu, from EMC Menu or by inserting a DVD, the CinePlayer display itself comes up unintelligible because of many horizontal lines running through it. The DVD movie itself looks & plays perfect, I just can't see the CinePlayer buttons and title bar, etc. I have a grabbed a print screen if you give me an email address to send it to. I am running: WinXP Pro w/ all sp's and updates Matrox G550 with latest video drivers 1600 x 1200 screen res I have tried: dumming down the screen resolution, color quality and hardware acceleration Still no luck. I just spent $100 on this and I woudl appreciate your help. Jim