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    All of your DVD drives are disabled....

    I did what you had mentioned above after deleting the upper and lower filters... After the computer rebooted I still recieved the error message I initialy mentioned above... Anybody else having this problem? being unable to open the software on vista 64 bit?
  2. Here is my problem... I installed Roxio 9 on my computer and after an incredibly long install process i rebooted when asked to. When the OS came up again my DVD rom drive was missing... after hours of searching i found several posts on the upper and lower filters in the registry and i deleted them as specified and rebooted my computer again... When the OS came up this time my dvd rom was working with the rest of windows but Roxio 9 upon "attempting" to open the program gave me the following error message... "All your drives are set to disabled. On this operating system in roxio creator 9 home you must either physically remove your drives or enable at least one drive..." Now i know my drive is enabled because I use it all the time for other programs... my computer specs are below... CAN ANYBODY point in the right direction on how to fix a program that should have never had this problem to begin with...(It seems now and days bug fixing has been passed on to the consumers rather than the compnay...) Windows Vista 64 bit AMD X2 5200 AM2 2 gig corsair ram LG dvd burner gsa-h22n asus wifi edition mobo *** EDIT *** Oh and if i want to see the error message again I have to manually end the task in my task manager before i can open up another error message.