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    The endless loop

    Roxio Creator has my Dell Optiplex 745 caught in an endless loop. It is looking for a UM.MSI file. It's not liking the new disc that I just got from Dell. The problem occurred when I upgraded to Windows Media Player 11. Apparently Roxio doesn't like Media 11. It offered a patch but it can't run because of the endless loop I'm caught in. I uninstalled Media 11, rebooted and tried again. Still the endless loop. I've tried uninstalling the Roxio software. It can't because4 of the endless loop. How do is stop the endless loop: Roxio Upadte Manager looking for the file. I pushed the wrong button sorry. Here's the dialog boxes: Roxio Update Manager asking for UM.MSI file. Choices: browse or cancel. If browse it can't fidn the file, not even on the new disk. If cancel: The following message: Looking for Um.MSI. Try again. OK puts you back in the loop. [X] in the corner kills the effort and Roxio initiates a new dialogue. Rebooting the machine merely reinitiates the above dialogues endlessly. No way out.
  2. PCpadre

    Looking for UM>MSI

    Thanks to both of you. In the time it took to get a reply from Roxio I contacted Dell and the disk is on its way.
  3. PCpadre

    Looking for UM>MSI

    A bit more information. This is the message I received: An installation package for the product Roxio Update Manager cannot be found. Try the installation again using a valid copy of the installation package UM.MSI. I have my Roxio ownership code if needed. PC Padre
  4. PCpadre

    Looking for UM>MSI

    Yipes. I lost the Roxio disc that came with my Dell computer. Roxio seems to want to do an update fo some sort and is looking for the file UM>MSI. Is this available online? I'm caught in an endless loop.