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  1. I have the Easy CD and DVD Burning (in Red Box) software for a few years. Version: 9.0.55, Build: 905B54T R01. In the past, I had to reinstall the software due to pc problem not related to this software. About a month ago,I started to received some message about a script problem to continue or not, before the program loads. After replying any answers, the program continues and I was able to use the software without any problems. I decided to un-install and re-install the product to see if I can get out of the script error. Bad move on my part. Started to re-install Roxio Easy CD and DVD Burning, keying in product key and installation continues. Near the end of the installation, a Roxio windows appears and ask that a disc need to be insert. OK and Cancel was the only key to reply. Keying in oK returns with the same window after a few seconds. Keying in cancel, everything roles back to and installation is cancelled. I un-install and re-install the software in the past without any problems. Can you help me to re-install this product/ Thank you Norm G
  2. Hi Jim, Thank you for a prompt reply. I replied to the old date because it had the same problem that I encountered. Maybe he had a fix and did not post it. Anyway, will post any problems as new if more that a few months old recorded on the forum. PC specs: Dell Dimension 4550 - 533 MHz FSB - P4 - 2GB. Windows XP 32bit SP3, DVD drive: HL-DT-ST DVD RAM GN22NP20. Was not aware of a test format and did not try the CD. As I indicated, the deleted the Roxio software via the control panel (add/del), search for any remaining ROXIO and deleted files. Reinstalled original software along with key numbers. So far, did not encountered any problems at all. Thanks for the info on DVD blank disc. Learn something new every day. Thanks again and have a great day.
  3. I just encountered almost the same problem that you had. Did you eve find out the caused of the problem? My problem started after my DVD burning started to act up with messages of write errors and to burn again with another blank disc. It seems like it was happening near the end of the project, and the write error message would appear. I could not read the disc. System would hang. Finally, the burner stopped working period (please insert disc in drive E when disc was in). The old DVD burning was a LiteOn DVD Rewriteable, Model SOHW 1693S. I replaced it with a LG-22x, GH22NP20 burner. I then started receiving the 'One or more of your files did not compare to their original, etc. etc.' I clicked on the Advance button and the following appeared on the screen: Advance: Souce:03 ASC11 ASC:05 (Command 28) Px.dll: PxAFS.DLL: pxdrv.dll: PxMas.dll: PxSFS.DLL Pxwave.dll: pxwma.dll: I am using Roxio - Easy CD & DVD Burning, Version 9.0.54, Build 90513547, R01. System is a Dell Dimension 4550, Windows XP. I tried all of the suggestions to no avail. The only part I did not do was turning off verification (see tool>options>data> verify data written - Could not find how to do that part. I am using Sony DVD-R, and DVD+R and once in a while will get a fluke. Otherwise, really no problems using them. I went into the control panel (add/delete) and had the software repaired. Same problem. My next step is to uninstall Roxio manually and try installing it again. Will keep you posted. I hope I'm clear in explaining the problem. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the prompt reply. Worked like a charm.. Have a great day. I run so many 'cleaner' programs to speed up my pc. Don't know exactly witch one caused the problem. Whenver I run a 'cleaner', will run the Easy CD & DVD burning to see if it was affected or not. Thanks for your prompt reply. The repair link from Brendon worked without any problems.
  5. I received the following message today when starting up Easy CD and DVD Burining: 'The trial version of this product has expired". This is not a trial version, please help.
  6. Tried looking for select all under Edit... none. check index, nothing. I received some information from Lynn98109 and Brendon on the same subject to do select jpgs. Like I said, so easy when you know how. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge. Will probably have more questions in the future.
  7. James, your attachments are worth a thousand words. Followed your instructions, [/b]burned imagesonto cd. Brought to retail store, pop into Kodak reader, no problems. Thanks for your help. I have problems using the Help files. For instance, I am selecting files one at a time, isn't there a select all to save time? I am still little confused between burn and copy. But I am still learning. Again thanks for your patience
  8. James, I have no idea what D2D uses UDFRDR or CDUDFR or CDUDFRW means. I went into Classic (burn images to cd ((*.iso, *cif, #cue and #c2d)). The pictures in my folders shows the following: DSC_xxx_edited-1.jpg and IMG_xxx_edited-1.jpg. I am a real novice in this field, please bear with me. Like I indicated, before installing Roxio, I had no problems uploading my pictures from my camera (via compact flash) to my pc. Then selecting the pictures and copying them to the cd rom. Taking the cd rom t the retail store, and had my copies made. 1, 2 and 3. If I uninstall Easy Cd and DVD burning, will that resolve the problems I am having? All my CD or DVD files that I have created and would not read in the retail store Kodak machine shows as DSC or IMG_xxx_edited-1.jpg. They read on my pc cd rom drive after bring them home. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. I'm not sure what Adobe is saving the photos as. How can I tell? I think it is in JGP format. I also heard that Adobe works with Kodak in creating and reading the same formats. What format does Drag & Drop uses? By the way, thanks for quick response.
  10. Before purchasing the Easy CD and DVD Burning (in Red Box) "Vista Compatible", I was able to download images to my pc, modified picture with Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0, and then download to a cd, bring cd to retail store to have prints made. Since installing Roxio's Easy Cd and DVD Burning, doing the same procedure as above, and confirming that the images are on the cd, the Kodak readers in the store indicates that there are no information on the disk. Yet, when I return home, file are on the cd. Am I doing something wrong? Tried copying images to a new folder, dragging and or copying folder to drive, drag and copy, selected all and send to cd, all done and the Kodak reader cannot read file. Anyone having the same problem, please help. Thanks.
  11. Hi James, I sent a previous reply back to you earlier. As usual, I probably hit the wrong key. I thank you for your prompt reply. Titles I was talking about is to name the movie, etc. Credits to me is for information as the end of the movie. Did not realized that titles are the 'buttons' on menu. Thanks for the education. Based on so many people having problems with this product, my only solution is to download softwares for a free xx amount of days before making a decision. This way, after trying it, I can alway cancel without any hassle. It is very hard to return software to any retail store after it is open. They will replace it if it is damaged. Again, thank you for the heads up information. More questions will be coming in the near future. Thank you all. Norm G
  12. Thank you Lynn. Understand... but 6 GB? Isn't that pretty large? Still learning...
  13. I purchased Roxio's Easy CD & DVD Burning (in Red box). Installed on my Dell 4550 Dimension, 2GB Intel Pentium 4, 60 GB hard drive, Lite-on DVDRW SOHW-1693S (CD-ROM drive). Upon installation, went to Roxio website to check if any update. Received reply from Customer Support indicating NO Updates. Product so new? Not even listed on Roxio website. I got interested in making movies using the Window Movie Maker software that came with Windows SP package 2. Creating the movie from movie clips, creating movie title and credits were no problem. Even used the split option without any problems. The biggest problem came when I tried to save the movies. Sometime, saving to the computer goes thru without any problems. The next time, it hangs forever. Tried saving to a CD to no avail. Keep coming back and says there is no diskette in drive. Once it started to back up and again, it took forever and ever. If I did not cancel it, it would probably still be running today. Read somewhere in Windows that trying to use a different DVD or CD burner may help. I seen the Easy CD/DVD Burning in a retail store and purchase for about $31 including tax. After installing and checking with the wedsite for updates (none). Tried using Roxio to burn the file into a DVD. Worked fine, however, it took approximatley 6GB to create it. I was lucky to noticed this. I would have not space left on my PC. After creating the DVD, I erased the copy in my pc to freed up so space. Tried using Roxio to create the movie. Loading clips were no problems. However, was not able to create titles or credits. Can anyone help? Would also like to us splitting part of a clip. Tried sending email to Roxio (Received ticket) and asked for a refund to purchase Creator 10. Customer Service keeps referring me to Sales and a toll free number. I am hard of hearing and I asked if they can send a copy of my email to them. Reply.. call Sales. Bunch of lazy people. Anyway, thank you for listening and reading my small problem. Any help would be appreciated. Please reply in layman's term.. am considered a novice? Norm G