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    Tivo Transfer with Toast 8?

    I'm on Snow Leopard w/ the newest Macbook Pro. Tivo Transfer doesn't work but I see the new Betas posted here. However, I'm on Toast 8 and don't see any valid versions. Am I 'Toast'?
  2. oldskoolboarder

    Odd Tivo Transfer issue w/ Series 3

    No prob. I've heard that it has something to do w/ the Bonjour server not syncing but I'm not an Bonjour expert.
  3. oldskoolboarder

    Odd Tivo Transfer issue w/ Series 3

    Try what I just did. Reboot the S3 and it appears. Now I see it on Tivo Transfer and my S2. Just started a tranfser to see how long it takes.
  4. I have a Series 2 DT and Series 3 HD Tivo. Both are wired to my network, not wireless. Both units have the latest s/w updates to allow MRV and TTG. I've already transferred an SD show from the S2 to the S3 and it works fine. I run Tivo Transfer and expected to see both S2 and S3 come up. Only the S2 comes up, the S3 can't be seen. If I run Tivo Desktop (using Parallels), I can see both S2 and S3 fine. What's going on?