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    emc10 needs rcpcore.msi

    It wouldn't let me rename the file while the setup window was open so I copied it to the desktop and cancelled the setup which deleted the folder in the temp file.By the way the folder didn't have the exact name mentioned in the original post but I went to a similar folder and found the rcpcore file. I then copied the folder back to the temp folder and followed the rest of the steps. After rebooting I launched EMC10 and althoughI didn't give it a thorough check it seems to work ok. Thanks for your help! I forgot to mention that upon shut down for the reboot I got a Windows application error of some sort but it dissappeared to fast for me to write it down. gwen
  2. gwen

    emc10 needs rcpcore.msi

    Thanks for your reply. If I right click on the file there is no option to extract - only to open it, rus as, properties, etc. If I double click on that file then the install wizard comes up. This is an .exe file. So should I just let it run the installation or do I have to uninstall EMC first? thanks gwen
  3. Upon starting EMC10 I get a message saying that it needs the rcpcore.msi file to continue and gives the location C:\DOCUME~1\HP_ADM~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\pft3F.tmp\RCP_CORE_36\ I had some trouble with a program a while back and was told to delete the temp files. I'm assuming that folder was deleted. I tried telling it to look in the folder where I downloaded emc10 to but that didn't work. The only files in there are c10_userguide_online.zip, roxiocontentdcv10_sqa.exe and roxioemcsuitev1-_4737ca50r05.exe. I don't have an installation cd as I downloaded it from the Roxio online store. How do I ge this file back? Thanks gwen
  4. Actually I didn't know you could do that in properties. Is that information that always stays with the file after that or can it get lost in the shuffle? I recently learned how to use layers in Photoshop elements. Now I just put the info in the layer names which eliminates the problem of putting it in the file name. The only problem with that is that I have to open PSE to see what editing was done with the file. thanks everyone. gwen
  5. When checking these files and folders I was able to isolate which file was causing the problem in one of the folders. It had a file name aproximately 80 characters long. I was able to drag its folder out of the back up folder, check the properties and it was fine. I put back in the back up folder and I'd get the error. Just now for the heck of it I took the entire folder of photos out of the back up folder, changed that name so it was shorter. Then copied the folder into the back up folder and looked at the contents. the file name had been changed again to a different DOS name. I just tried setting up a folder tree or path with folders named with the same amount of characters in the names as the backfolder then copied that suspect folder with the long named file into it. I looked into the folder and the name of that file was changed to a dos name also. I undid all that and added several characters to the last subfolder then pasted that supsect folder into it again. When I opened it that time several of the files had the DOS names so that must be the problem. I'll have to go back and shorten up some of the names. At least the path will be shorter now as folders won't be buried in the "My Pictures" folder on the c drive. gwen
  6. The external drive was factory formatted in the NTFS format. I don't thing the path itself is too long as it is ...My Pictures\(year)\(day). However, and this is guessing on my part, I do suspect the problem lies with long file names. (When I edit a photo I put the steps I did in the file name. This is the only way I know of to keep track of what I did to the file as I have a habit of losing written notes and they are very inconvenient. Sometimes when I've done extensive editing of a photo the name can be quite long maybe 80 characters.) I know that when I copy the files to cd I have to truncate the names a lot of times but at least the program burning the cd will tell me the name is too long. However with BackOnTrack I don't get any message. And I have it set to verify the files. When its done with the back up it says it was successful. And usually if I just take the backed up folder out of the back up folder (for instance YOUR-55E5F9E3D2) and place it in the My Pictures directory on the external hard drive then it's usually fine and properties tells me it has the same number of files as the original. However I have had one incidence with a file being renamed to a DOS name DSC0001~1 and it created an error when running the backup causing it to fail. I don't know how this file got renamed - if it was EMC10 that renamed it or some other program did it. It's ok to do this for a work around for transfering my files to the external drive but this might be a problem when I want to do daily backups. I would like to be sure that this is indeed the problem and if it I'd like to know what the limit is on the file name length for this program. I would like to continue using this program for my backups because it is the only program I've found that let's you access the files in the back up without having to do a restore first. gwen
  7. Here's an update to this problem. After deleting the above back up job and running it again I had the same problems. I discovered however that if I take that main folder that contains all the subfolders and files out of the backup folder and check the properties it shows the correct number of files and I can check the properties as noted in my previous post with no problems at all. If I put the main folder back in the backup folder I have the same problem. So I'm assuming that this must be something to do with the backup program. Any help here would be appreciated. I really need this program to be dependable. thanks gwen
  8. Hi, I was using EMC10's BAck On Track to tansfer photos to an external drive. I been doing a year's worth of photos per transfer. (I tell BOT to back up the files to the external drive. After it does I take the folders out of the backup folder, put them where I want them then delete the backup folder and RFI file) The first few went very well. however the last 2 times I've had problems with 1 folder in each backup. After doing the backup I open the backup folder and check the properties on the folders then compare them with the original. The first backup that went wrong looked like it was missing a few files according to the properties comparisons. I isolated the problem to one folder. I opened that folder then selected all, right-clicked to get the properties to see how many were there and I got an error message telling me that explorer had to close. I didn't note the error. I was able to just copy that folder out of the backup folder and access it with no problems. On the 2nd backup I was again missing some files which I isolated to one folder. When I opened the folder, selected all then right-clicked and chose properties I got an error message so I clicked on "send error report". The info from that is as follows: Error signature AppName" explorer.exe AppVer. 6.0.2900.3156 ModName: ntdll.dll ModVer: 5.1.2600.2180 Offset"0001218e I clicked to see the tech information and the first few lines of that were: Exeption Information Code: 0xc0000005 Flags" 0x00000000 Record: 0x0000000000000000 Address: 0x0000000007c91218e After I closed that explorer closed. I reopened explorer and was able to recreate the error. that error message said. "the instruction at "0x7c911f52" referenced memory at "0xfffffffd" the memory could not be "read' ". I tried it one more time and got: "The instruction at 0x7c911bf4 referenced memory at "0x0057005c". the memory could not be "written". I clicked ok on that and got another error: "the instruction at "0x7c911629" referenced memory at "0x0065005c" the memory could not be "written" I clicked ok and explorer shut down. This folder is missing several files. One thing I did notice about this folder is that it does contain a few files with very long file names and I'm wondering if that is the problem. I need to get this figured out as I bought EMC10 specifically to do back ups with and I want to be sure that it is doing them correctly ever time. thanks gwen
  9. Thanks Jean sound like EMC is just what I need then. gwen
  10. Hi James, what exactly is a Creator Classic Data Disc set? Here's what I have been doing until now: When I first download the photos from my camera I immediately copy them to an external drive if time permits. (If I'm short of time I make a copy of the folder to another location on the internal drive & copy to the external drive later.) This is done before I ever delete the pics from the camera. Then when I get enough to fill a dvd or 2 I burn them to dvd. I don't use backup software for this- I just burn them as data discs so I can access them with any viewer or Explorer. I always make 2 copies on different brands of dvds. A few times a year I make another pair of copies and send them to my daughter for safe keeping in case something happens to mine. Doing it this way I at least always have a copy of the original files. And I try to look at the dvds once a year or so to make sure they are still good. However, I don't have copies of a lot of the edited versions doing it this way because a lot of times I edit them after the originals have been copied to dvd. That's why I want something to do incremental backups to an external drive. As for eventually losing my data, that is exactly why I want something that will save the files in their tif and jpg formats. Otherwise the software becomes obsolete and the data is inaccessible. I could just re-copy them every now and then but that's a huge undertaking as I have over 120 GB and counting. Plus I have to do that every few years anyway when converting to the next new media ( from cd to dvd for instance). gwen
  11. So which program do you think would do a better job and be the easiest? I do most of my photo editing with Adobe and use another program for my music restoration. I use the cd / dvd burning program that came with my pc as I don't do anything fancy there so I would be using either program mainly for doing the back ups. Also are there any conflicts with EMC and other programs such as antivirus and firewall programs? I know there used to be some with ECDC 4 or 5 that caused me a lot of grief on my old pc. Thanks gwen
  12. Yes I do copy the original files to an external drive as a back up copy but half the time I forget to copy them after they've been edited. That's the reason for the incremental back up. How does the synchronization work with PowerToy? does it copy the changed files over? thanks gwen
  13. Hi, I'm looking for a program for backing up my thousands of digital photos to an external hard drive. I want a program that will do complete and also incremental backups. Most of all I want full accessiblity of the back ups WITHOUT being required to use the program that created the back ups. I've been burned before using a program to do the back up but unable to access the files without doing a restore and worse - having the backups become unusable when either upgrading the program or switching to a newer operating system. A program that creates files of the same format as the originals (jpg and tif for instance) would be perfect. Does Easy Media Creator do this? thanks gwen
  14. gwen

    Accessing BUMP7 backed up files

    Thanks, I was afraid of that. For the most part the files are jpg so are already compressed. The funny thing is I used BUMP to back up one folder which was 3.32 gb and the back up file it created was 3.33 - so much for saving disk space. I'll check out Genie-Soft. I want to be sure to be able to access the backups in the future and zip format at least has been consistent over the years as far as I know. I've been burned before with programs that creat their own file format (Easy CD Creator for one) and have the company change the program so much that it wouldn't read the last version's files. The real zinger on that one was that it wasn't compatible with XP either so when I had to get a new pc I had to either upgrade the program or delete the files. (By that time I was ticked so I opted to delete the files.) gwen
  15. I just purchased an external hard drive and it came with Back Up My PC 7. I do want a program that will do both full and incremental back ups of my photos. However I want to be able to access the files in the back up the same as I do the originals. Is this possible without having to restore them first? If BUMP doesn't allow this do you know of any programs that do? Thanks gwen