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  1. Is there any way possible to tell the EMC9 CD is OEM or Retail? I installed EMC9 suite on a Ultimate Vista 64 bit with some errors (missing signed driver, i.e. Rxfilter.sys) then after wanted to install the upgrade (9.1), the install wiped the old installation, and only left drag to disc feature in that computer. I heard that upgrade is only for " retail" boxed versions and not OEM, is this true? Thanks. Ric
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    OEM vs Retail

    so, in conclusion it's a retail box. I'll try it before un-install and installed on my Dell (XP). Thanks to everyone.
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    OEM vs Retail

    As Creator "Classic" shows Build 900B88F ENU, technical support ID: 711609343758, I bought this version from web vendor that claims is a full retail version, which I doubt is "retail". As Creator "Home", it's version 9.0.88, Build 900B88F, R03 S/N: xxxxxxxxxxxxx, the Key CD# on the box is different. Appreciate your help. I've edited your post to remove your serial number for obvious reasons. (Beerman)